Saturday, February 12, 2005 is better than

An important thing to know as a gay traveller is whether your next destination is dominated by chat-room users or chat-room users. Unfortunatly most of the world seems to be on There are a few curious anomalies though, for example Andalucia in Spain is a gaydar area, whereas Barcelona in Spain is a area. Thankfully London is dominated by gaydar, not surprising I suppose since gaydar was set up by a gay male couple in west London.

Why does still exist, given that is such a better service? For example, comparing the free services of both:

* the online messaging system is much better on gaydar, for example one can attach private pictures to the messages

* with the free service, the pictures you see of the other guys are tiny. Also pictures classified as adult are restricted. On gaydar all main pictures are available except on the free service except for photo albums

* login is much faster on gaydar, gaydar works like google in the sense that the front screen is very quick to load, and the response having logged in is also fast

* one continually gets annoying popup windows on, how cheap is that?

* the chat-rooms on gaydar seem to have unlimited size so one can always gain entry, for example the main central London room regularly has over 400 people in it, whereas splits itself into rooms of 100 users and one can't choose which room to go into

* the Gaydar Positioning Service (GPS) is great, when me and the other guy are both using it we can tell how many miles we would have to travel to meet each other. It works by postcode, worldwide too.

* navigating round gaydar is intuitive and easy, whereas navigating is much harder. There never seem to be links to where you want to go from the page you're on

The only thing I can think of which gaydar should improve on is the menu for the chat rooms. On its much easier to find the room for the location you're in, and the granularity of locations is better too.

I guess the trouble is that has 'first mover advantage'. The most important thing about a chat-room service is that there are people to chat to, and has been around longest to have built up a user base. I can only hope that gaydar gets their international marketing act together and starts eroding the lead, which must be possible given that used to dominate London too.

PS: Jet-lag, I wasn't able to crack it when I was in Singapore recently, and now I've been back in the UK for 4 days and I've got it over here too. Why else would I be penning a blog at 4:51am? If anyone has got any tips to beat jet-lag please let me know.


Anonymous said...

natural sunlight... as much as possible

Anonymous said...

Secret to fast recovery is hydration (& i mean water and only water). Drink plenty