Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Asia trip 2002: in the British Airways lounge Saturday afternoon

Back in 2002, the investment bank I work for had organised a series of seminars for its clients in Asia and I was one of the speakers. Five days for five cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong-Kong, Taipei and finally Singapore.

I have already e-mailed P for company in Singapore on Thursday night. But as I sit in the British Airways business class lounge at Heathrow on Saturday afternoon waiting for my flight to Beijing, I wonder what other opportunities I can create during the trip.

In 2002 the computer terminals in the British Airways lounge had unrestricted access to the Internet so I log on to google to see what I can find. These days the terminals in the BA lounge won’t let you access any kind of adult gay web site.

Unsure of what would be possible in the Peoples Republic of China, I focus on Hong Kong. Google comes up with several gay Hong-Kong oriented web sites and one of them, gayhk.com, seems quite popular. There is an area on the site for posting adverts called the “toilet wall”. So before I board the Beijing flight I post an advert for company on Tuesday evening in Hong Kong, directing responses to a temporary e-mail address which I set up.

[To be continued: Asia trip 2002: early Sunday afternoon in Beijing]

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