Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Are you into CFNM?

However many times one goes round the block, there’s always something new to look at!

I’m chatting to this guy on gaydar from the north of England last Sunday who is into exhibitionism. I’ve got some interest in this subject myself (My chance to be a rent boy) so it’s an interesting conversation.

It turns out that the guy’s boyfriend helps him with his exhibitionist activities. “A while ago, my boyfriend caught me being an exhibitionist with other guys a few times”, he said, “and was worried that I was going to leave him”. “But I explained I was only doing it because sometimes I need to be an exhibitionist. He understood, and now he helps me do it.”

Sometimes the boyfriend will hold this guy's clothes while he wanders around various gay cruising areas showing himself off. Or sometimes they’ll be in a public toilet, this guy will strip off in one of the cubicles, and his boyfriend will tell him when it’s safe to come out of the toilet naked and play with himself.

Anyway, eventually he says, “Are you into CFNM?”

I’ve got no idea what CFNM so I have to ask.

“Have a look at”, he says, “it means Clothed Female Nude Male”.

Initially the idea horrifies me. “I’m not sure I like the sound of that”, I say, “I enjoy being naked in the company of other males, not females”.

Some of the photos on the web site are a bit teen oriented – school situations where the girls strip the boys. However although the guys are young, they all look over 18 to me, so I reckon they’re not school kids but just guys in their 20’s being paid to get their kit off.

I have to admit I see what the attraction is. Of course when I was around 14 years old I was in that situation with my 12-year-old sister in a ‘doctors and nurses’ type of game. The pictures on” are just a more grown up version of that.

“Have you ever tried it”, I ask him.

“No, but I’d like to”, he says, “just once to see if I like it”. “I’m definitely 100% gay”, he continues, “but I’m certainly interested in the idea”.

I don’t think it would suit me though. It might have been interesting when I was the age of the guys in the photos, but people trying to re-create teenager fantasies when they’re way beyond being teenagers seems a bit sad to me.

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close encounters said...

looks like an good site - shame it costs so much !

although maybe it was free when you originally posted about it ?