Friday, June 09, 2006

Gay cruising in London

In a comment to a recent posting, a guy who calls himself Josh asks "What would a London gay cruise expert like u recommend [in terms of] what London has to offer". I was drafting a quick reply but suddenly thought that this subject merits a full posting.

So, for guys who want to pick up other guys in London I suggest getting advice from (or using) the following web sites:
  • Online cruising: gaydar and

  • Saunas: in particular there's the Chariots chain and Pleasuredome

  • Bars and clubs: The main gay area is along Old Compton Street in Soho. However, consult one of the web sites with information on gay bars and clubs in London, e.g. outuk or gaytoz.

  • Elsewhere: The most famous outside cruising area is on Hampstead Heath. However, there are a couple of web sites with lots of advice on where to pick up guys all over the world, including London. So consult which has been around for years, and there's also a relatively new web site called squirt. When using, select sex listings from the options on the left hand menu, and then choose Greater London from the UK Metro Area section. Once the listings come up, I usually find it easier to select the "show all pages" option. Squirt seems to work better if one gets a (free) login.
Does anyone have anything else to add?


Anonymous said...

Thanks GB thaz very informative ^^

Anyway I heard from a friend about this park(woods) in London, forgot the name though, where gay guy cruise and get naughty :-P

Well i always fantasize of having sex in the wild(nature) so that would certainly be 1 of my top crusing spots in London.

GB said...

I did mention that park(woods) you refer to Josh, it's Hampstead Heath. I seem to remember being told that the area is behind a pub called "Jack Straw's castle", however I've never been there myself so I'm not really sure.

GB x

Anonymous said...

I got lucky a few years ago at Annabelle's -- but then who doesn't? A dreamy Jamaican the color of cafe aulait, about 11 inches uncut. I dream of him still.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info.

Also do you know any place within town... for people like me that we don't drive and would like to go!


GB said...

I don't think your question makes grammatical sense anonymous (whoever you are), I really don't understand what you're asking.

For Hampstead Heath, I think you can take public transport and walk, I don't think you have to drive. I could be wrong though. Apart from that, consult the web sites I mention ( and

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

Check out for up to date information and reviews on London's clubs and saunas, plus and a whole lot more.

Christien Garcia said... (best for UK and Europe) or (best for North America) are the best online cruising sites --Much better than gaydar don’t you think gay banker?

Anthony Blake said...

You could always try cruising at Man Central and it's the best site for FREE gay chat and FREE gay cruising Good Luck mate :D

Anonymous said...

hi , just looking for lads coming to Magaluf Mallorca this summer to advice them where to go and what to do for gay cruising : safety, discret and horny hehhehe. Interested ?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I´m a Spanish dude travelling to London and I have a weakness for businessmen wearing suits. Do you know where they tend to go when they want to unleash their heat?

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Toilets in one new change shopping centre