Thursday, April 06, 2006

Another session with the Turkish guy

At the start of February I had a good session with a Turkish guy called T. After this original meeting I was keen to meet up with him again, however it doesn’t seem polite to try and meet the same guy too often. So it wasn’t until around a month after the original meeting that I started looking out for him online.

On the morning of the Saturday almost four weeks ago, I spotted him logged into gaydar so I sent him an online message to ask him whether we could meet up again that weekend. I got a reply quite quickly saying that he was working from home and had quite a lot to do, but that it might be possible to meet later in the afternoon. But in the end it wasn’t possible.

However late morning on the following Saturday I spot him online again. Perhaps in view of the failed meeting from the previous weekend he’ll make more of an effort to meet me this time, so again I send him an online message:

GB: Hi T, pity we couldn’t meet last weekend, but perhaps you’ll have some time this weekend? xxx
T: yes this weekend isn’t so busy, lets keep in touch x

Hmmm, promising but inconclusive, perhaps he’s just being coy? Well I fancy meeting him now, and faint heart never won gorgeous guy so I decide to be bold

GB: Well I’m just off to the gym but would be really nice 2 visit u first, I could be at ur place within 30 mins?
T: great I fancy a quickie

A perfect result! I’ve got all his details from my previous visit so everything is in order.

GB: gr8, see u soon!

I rush round the house to get my gym kit together and head off. Everything goes according to plan and in under 30 minutes I’m walking through his front door again.

“Hi, how’ve you been keeping?” I say, giving him a peck on his lips.

“Well, I’ve been quite busy actually!”

“Yeah, like last weekend. If you’re too busy for a bit of fun then that’s very busy in my book!”

He laughs. “Lets go upstairs this time :-)”

I follow him upstairs and into one of the bedrooms where there’s a futon on the floor. Kissing him gently on the lips, I rub his nipples through his t-shirt. Moving my hand downstairs to grope him through his loose track-suit bottoms, I can tell that he’s pleased to see me! Gradually we remove each other’s clothes and get down to business.

“Are you always this jolly?” he asks me half way through. Somehow he can tell I’m having a good time!

“Errr, yes actually, I think I probably am!” In general I think I am a happy person, and all the more so when I’m engaged in enjoyable activities.

Afterwards we head downstairs.

“Actually that’s my usual bedroom”, he says as we pass the other upstairs room, “but I’ve given it to some friends of mine who are staying with me this weekend. I just didn’t think it would be polite to have sex on their bed so we’ve just been using the spare room.”

I don’t bother to ask why he gave up his bedroom to his friends rather than giving them the spare room. Perhaps they don’t like futons?

“Can I get you anything to drink?” he offers once we’re downstairs.

“Thanks, a quick glass of water would be great.”

He disappears momentarily, returning with a pint glass full of water.

“I’m sorry about last weekend”, he says, handing me the water. “Once I get into my design work I find it hard to focus on anything else, and I had a big project to do. Today was ideal though because I haven’t yet started my next assignment.”

We chat for a few minutes while I finish my water.

“See you soon”, he says with a smile, waving me goodbye at the door.

He’s a really lovely guy, and he sounds keen to see me again. But if I see him again perhaps I should tell him about boyfriend number 1? I don’t want to mislead him and let him think that I’m potentially available to be his boyfriend. Both boyfriend number 2 and boyfriend number 3 knew about boyfriend number 1 from the start.


Amopodex said...

A good post GB: a classic no-strings, no upset-to-anyone, good fuck. Thats why we do it!

Legal-ize-IT said...

Don't mislead him then. You did say he's a 'really lovely guy', and you might see him again (as the evidence suggests). Just tell him he can be BF#4. From what I understand, Turkey is predominantly 99% Muslim, translation: he's entitled to more than 1 husband. You sound very Muslim as well :-)

Gay banker said...

Thanks for that amopodex. I was a bit worried that my blog's becoming too repetitive. And that was before I saw czeckOUT's posting!

GB xx

sunshine wallflower said...

Hi...I'm wondering whether your boyfriend #1 knows that you are behaving as though you are in an open relationship (by sleeping with other guys) and if not, would it be easier if you establish this with him. I think it is fairer to him. If you were your boyfriend #1, wouldnt you feel that it was better for your partner to tell you the truth? Not trying to accuse you of being dishonest - just wondering whether you considered the possibility and if not, why. Thanks

Gay banker said...

Ever thought of looking in my archives sunshine wallflower, e.g. A conversation with boyfriend number 1 or My second counselling session with boyfriend number 1?

Anyway, thanks for linking to me from your blog, even though I'm not sure about the title you've given me! So I've returned the favour.

Warm regards, GB x

Legal-ize-IT said...

A tribute to your many readers: slight change to your routine. The next time you're standing before him, in the buff, and he asks if you would like something to drink, ask for something other than water, fruit juice instead.