Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Now here's a curious thing about me. I really don't like wearing sunglasses. Although I'll wear them when I'm in a car driving towards the sun because then it's a question of safety.

And the reason for my dislike? I always feel that if you can't look someone in the eye then they've got something to hide, and as a kind of corollary to that, I reckon that sunglasses look a bit pretentious. Why wouldn't you want someone to be able to look you in the eye? It's definitely not cool to feel the need to hide anything.

Looking people in the eye is a natural part of human interaction too. I recall being told that only 25% of communication is verbal, and that 75% is body language. And eye contact is a very important part of body language. Why would one want to inhibit one's ability to communicate? Just tell someone to go away if you don't want to talk to them.

Anyway, for all these reasons, I avoid wearing sunglasses. Especially shiny sunglasses which look like mirrors!

Am I alone in feeling like this?


Tommo said...

They are an absolute necessity in Aus during the summer - they protect your eyes from sun damage like suncream does for your skin.

Besides - how can you sit on a beach and have a surreptitious perve without hiding behind your sunnies?! ;)

Monty said...

I do agree with Tommo in terms of the Australian sun - it is much more intense and in fact, the Cancer Council recommends wearing sunglasses, sunscreen, hat and long sleeve shirts as ways of combatting the effects of the UV rays. That being said, whilst I used to like the shiny mirror style glasses, I don't anymore. And yes, I do agree, if I am talking to someone, the glasses come off - I hate talking to someone who is wearing sunnies, and therefore expect that other people feel the same way too. :-)

Anonymous said...

They are soo fashsionable these day, wheather its cloudy,sunny or rainy, they can make or break a look. And yes people do hide in them for a reason. I do, for lots of reasons, like checking people out as they walk past without them knowing,looking good, hiding my eye bags,to protect my eyes or to simply lie. Works wonders! :-)

GB said...

So I guess I'd have to learn to like them in Aus! Ahh well.

But the anonymous comment really summarises my dislike. For me they'll always break a look, because I just don't think it's cool to hide.

GB xxx

alastair said...

In the last two weeks, I've pointedly asked two different friends to remove their sunglasses when talking to me. They ask why, I explain (along GB's lines), they smile ("Can't argue with that!") and oblige.

I appreciate why people wear them, but if they're going to engage me in conversation, their removal is an act of civility that I look very favourably upon.

Bill said...

I've used photochromatic spectacles for years; specially useful when I lived in much sunnier countries than the UK, but useful here too because there is still a lot of UV in northern European sunlight - this is a health issue. I agree about mirrored sunspecs though - the 'Tom Cruise' lookalike poseurs generally look naff, unless they're the genuine article ;) , I too like to see people's eyeballs when speaking to them. But there are cultural differences - a lot of people in Eastern cultures (China, Japan etc) do not appreciate having people look straight into their eyes; it's regarded either as invasive or else as a sign of deference depending on circumstance.

A counter-clerk in one very sunny country I worked in who suggested to a customer that he remove his mirrored sunspecs received a massive slap across the face - she was as black as he was, except that she was from a French Caribbean Departement, he a local (in an African country). It took quite a lot of careful discussion afterward to soothe the injured feelings of both parties to that dispute.

indian18 said...

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Queerest_Chris said...

Nope you are not alone, I don't like them. I really like looking at people's eyes coz that really tells me much about them.

As for those mirror like ones, many people like that because they can check whether their hair has been blown off-shape if someone wearing those is coming in their dicrection.

gayboydiary said...

I can't really wear sunglasses unless it's really sunny. I don't understand how people can wear them indoors! I always remove them when talking to someone else, it's rude not to! I also remove them when I want to flirt ;-)

GBD xxx

Anonymous said...

when r u visiting australia gb? :-)


GB said...

I wouldn't touch indian18, because I'm not a Massow fan! And no plans to visit Australia at the moment J, whoever you are.

GB xxx

Paul said...

Sunglasses are useful when driving into the sunlight, or when in an unusually bright environment. Otherwise, they are a good indicator that the wearer is a poseur, and best to be avoided.

Radu said...

I thought I was the only one who thought that! I know a lot of people who wear sunglasses that hide the eyes all the time and sometimes even indoors when it's not necessary at all. It shows their insecurity IMO. I, like you, only wear my eye-hiding sunglasses while I'm driving.

Right now I'm starting to get more interested in sunglasses but I'm tring to find ones that don't cover the eyes or reflect too much but there aren't many at all that don't hide the eyes. It's frustrating trying to find good sunglasses.