Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Olympic Games come to London :-)

I hadn't been planning to go to the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games last Friday. However, when I heard that there were some last minute tickets available I just couldn't resist! Boyfriend T had told me that he always watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics on TV, so I thought that it would be a nice treat for him to actually be there for once.

It was an fabulous event, although while I was watching it all, I couldn't help wondering what the rest of the world would think about some of the more eccentric parts of the show. For example, what would the world make of the Queen arriving at the ceremony by apparently parachuting out of a helicopter with James Bond? As a Brit, I thought that part was hilarious :-). But perhaps the most spectacular bit for me was having five huge Olympic rings forged in red hot metal in the middle of the stadium:

Presumably some readers saw the opening ceremony? I'm particularly interested to hear what you thought if you're not British, although British readers are welcome to leave comments too :-).


tuls said...

im up north in the northeast but was working on that night and i totally miss the whole opening ceremony! urgh!!! what a waste!!

ive got no idea where else to watch the opening ceremony again. youtube does not have any.. do you have any idea where could i watch it online?

ive heard from my friends about the opening and they compared it to the one in Beijing and saying that this couldnt even compare or come close to that ... not sure on how true is that but i think the whole opinion thing is subjective and everyone has got their own preference..?



GB said...

I'm not sure where you can watch the whole thing, tuls, but you can see the highlights on the BBC web site :-).

I actually think the opening ceremony shows the differences between the UK and China very clearly. In Beijing it was all state controlled, with lots of people doing identical things. The British offering wasn't controlled by the government at all and was much more individual, and quite creative too!

Anyway, hope that helps, let me know what you think :-). GB xxx

vincent said...

It's like a British verson's High school musical. For me it's quite tacky (NHS) and can't compare to the previous ones. The Athen's one is classy and the Chinese one is spectacular. They showed you more about their cultural heritage.

Anonymous said...

I watched the ceremony on TV from Uganda and I think I loved the way Boyle used his creativity to highlight the british culture. Mr Bean was a suprise to me and his clip made my day. finally, i also liked the way the olympic flame was set ablaze by those young athletes. Beijing 2008 was so much about fireworks but the brits told a story.........

Anonymous said...

I missed the beginning and the end parts of the ceremony (which many have said was the best part), but managed to see the musical part which I was somewhat confused by. - I failed to understand the texting or status updates?!

If I were to compare, then based on what I've seen I prefer the Beijing one. - It was just spectacular, and showed what could be achieved with teamwork and dedication. I remember being in complete awe.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Her Majesty parachuting out of a helicopter very much. If there is anything like a British national character at all, then here you have it: only few nations in the world would indulge in such a funny kind of self-mockery. After all, the Queen is your head of state and symbolises its dignity. Being German, I often find British people and their relaxed manners (combined with a great sense of humor and sophistication) very appealing. What a contrast when compared to Chinese collectivist and pretentious rubbish four years ago.

Anonymous said...

I liked most of it. Mr. Bean made my day. The choreography kind of sucked though. If British music was celebrated, where were Sting and the Rolling Stones