Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Online dating

All of a sudden, having split up with ex-boyfriend T, there seem to be quite a few things going on in my life. The result is that there are several posts in my mind that are waiting to be written, as well as a couple of "Dear GB" posts waiting in my right-hand side-bar. Apologies to the two guys who are waiting for the "Dear GB" posts. In my current state of mind, I find it hard to summon up the focus that I need to do a good job for them, but I promise to get round to it at some point in the not too distant future.

Anyway, this morning I've decided to ignore completely the list of pending posts in my mind and mention something that I spotted while reading the news just now. I'm a big fan of The Economist Magazine, and this morning I spotted this article about online dating. It's written from an entirely straight point of view, but it's interesting nonetheless. And it mentions one app that works for all sexualities, namely:

"Bang with Friends (BWF) [which] allows users to specify which of their Facebook friends they would like to bed. If both parties feel the same way, BWF notifies them. If not, no one is any the wiser."

In fact, that app presumably allows *straight* guys to suggest hook-ups with their male friends (*straight* or gay), as well as allowing gay guys to register interest in their *straight* mates :-). What will they think of next, LOL!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your break up GB. Hope you're feeling better now. Sandeep Xx

Anonymous said...

GB, now that you're single again, how do we start applying to be your boyfriend?

GB said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts, sandy.

And thanks for your question too, recent anonymous commenter, because that's a nice thing to ask :-). In fact, it's such a nice thing to ask that I've written an entire post to answer your question!

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

Your welcome GB. I'll write to you soon :)