Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Email from a guy with internalised homophobia

There's a pending "Dear GB" listed in my right-hand side-bar with the title "Email from a guy with internalised homophobia". At present, I'm planning to do the posting next month. However, it would be useful if the guy who sent me the email could get in touch again. GB xxx

Update 21-May-2014: the guy who sent me the email never got in touch with me :-(. It seemed to me that the attitude of his family to gay people had left a terrible impression on him, which he's been struggling with (often unsuccessfully) for over ten years. I don't want to responsible for making his mental health any worse, so I've decided not to post his email after all.


kpykpy said...

i cant believe you still have this blog :)!

GB said...

@kpykpy why would I delete it? GB xxx

kpykpy said...

absolutely not :). u are providing a good service after all ;).

i've always enjoyed reading ur posts and i must admit that i've kinda lost tracked of it for a while. for whatever reason, i thought of it today and was just surprised u have maintained it all this time.

keep up the good work.