Friday, July 17, 2015

Double beds with two single duvets

For the past few days I've been touring round Germany and Austria with boyfriend K, moving on to the next town or tourist location every day or two. And each time we check into a hotel, we find a double bed like the one shown in the photo below. It's a double bed, but instead of coming with one large duvet there are two single duvets, one for each of us.

I've said before that I can't get to sleep at night without a nice guy to cuddle, and for cuddling or any more intimate activities, this duvet arrangement is extremely inconvenient. Sure, one can try and overlap the duvets but it never works very well. After shifting around a couple of times, the two duvets have asserted their individuality and one has to start again :-(.

It's all very puzzling, because the Germans and Austrians certainly aren't prudish. On checking into one hotel, we casually get told that "… the naked spa area is on the top floor, …", and in another hotel we run into some naked adults near the sauna without having been given any warning at all!

I've now started emailing the hotels that we've booked in advance of our arrival, to request one large duvet instead of two single ones. Boyfriend K is extremely cuddleable, especially in bed when we're both naked :-), so it's not something that I'm happy to give up even for a single night!


Anonymous said...


Did they know you're a gay couple? Some homophobic idiots simply have this tendency to assume that two guys are just friends and thus should be given this kind of arrangement.

And what's wrong with the naked spa? Only for heterosexuals?

close encounters said...

sorry to hear about the inconvenience !!

i think you'll find that these beds are used as both doubles and twins ... so i suspect that's why they give you two duvets ...

maybe europeans aren't as tactile as you !

Anonymous said...

Personally I think one duvet each is a great idea. I may enforce this at home!

Anonymous said...

Just some insights from an Austrian

For the first comment: it is not homophobic, it is cultural. So please do not look compulsively for a homophobic discrimination. Just because we think that we live in the same cultural region does not mean that there are no differences. A heterosexual couple would have found the same arrangement.

Indivudal duvets are standard here, and I would not want to share a single duvet either. Btw, most of them are usually wide enough so that you can cuddle and still be covered. As much as I like GBs blog, this entry just shows the old problem of why communication can fail, because we take our one preferences and our cultural upbringing as given and that the one we communicate with knows about that and can relate to that and automatically adjusts to that.

GB said...

Thanks for the comments everyone :-).

If any of the hotels were worried by the fact that we're gay, first anonymous commenter, then I would expect them to have given us rooms with separate twin beds. However, this phenomenon is different, double beds with two single duvets! And nothing wrong with naked spas for heterosexuals. I've seen this before in Europe, but Boyfriend K hadn't and was a little surprised.

The bed in the picture, Close Encounters, was definitely a double bed rather than two singles pushed together, because there was only one big mattress. Even so, it still had two single duvets on it. Luckily I was in the room when a maid arrived to turn down the bed for the night, and when I asked her for one large duvet she was happy to oblige :-).

I'm glad I'm not your husband Jean-Paul! Nonetheless, I like the cover photo on your blog :-).

Thanks for the Austrian insights, most recent anonymous commenter. In spite of this little cultural difference, I do like your country :-).

GB xxx

Only Dates said...

This post made me chuckle. I've experience the single duvets on double beds. It's very strange!

Kennethhost said...

It is their culture. Even I went to Norway, all hotels are doing they same. :)