Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What do you usually wear in bed?

Two weeks ago, my Christmas day post was titled Who goes to bed naked? In conjunction with that post, I set up a poll with the title "What do you usually wear in bed?" to investigate the subject. The results are now in, and are as follows:

Pyjamas/nightie11% (37 votes)
Shorts and vest13% (46 votes)
Shorts only21% (75 votes)
Vest only4% (15 votes)
Stark Naked :-)51% (180 votes)

Thanks to the 353 readers who voted in this poll, and for some interesting comments too. Although one anonymous commentator rightly pointed out that there may be hygiene issues associated with sleeping naked, it seems that half of us do it anyway :-). It's certainly been my favourite for many years and not just because, in the words of another commentator, it provides easy access when one's sleeping with another guy!


The Pirate King said...

I do sometimes wonder what drives some people to get dressed to go to bed. Sure, if it's cold, but when it's not, why would you wear anything?

So yes, naked all the time in bed (and most other times) is my preference, just in case eager viewers wondered!

kevingerarrd said...

I sleep on linen sheets and wear beautiful cotton night shirts to bed. I think it is important to dress well for bed. Part of the fun of a package is in unwrapping it.
I don't like to be cold, so a nightie covers my arms and chest. Also, I can pull it up easily. Then just roll him over onto his side and have at him. Or just do it myself.