Friday, February 22, 2008

Looking to meet Bankers

About a week and a half ago, a reader sent me an email asking me a simple question. The email had the title "Looking to meet Bankers" and was as follows:

Dear GB,

I read your blog with interest and was wondering if you could tell me where a good place is to meet gay finance people. I am currently trying to expand the "types" of gay people I meet and would love to meet people in finance and politics which seems to be something you don't often meet in your regular gay bar. Is there any unofficial wateringhole where one could meet gay bankers?

Many thanks for your help.

Warmest Regards

Immediately I thought about the gay interbank drinks events, but then this guy doesn't sound as though he's even remotely connected with the banking world so that seemed inappropriate. But suddenly I had another idea:

Well to be honest I don't think there's any unofficial watering hole where gay bankers meet. But have you been to the Village Drinks, perhaps that's close enough? GB xxx

Canary WhaftBut it was his reply to my response that made this little episode amusing:

Many Thanks! I'll give that one a try. I was thinking financial types because I seem to be a big hit with them. Every time I go to the gents at Canary Wharf a whole bunch of guys are eager to milk me off! You guys seem to be an extremely outgoing and randy bunch and I'd like a bit more than just a quick wank in the loo.


SubtleKnife said...


By the way, though I wouldn't describe myself as 'a banker', I have joined the ranks of those working for banks (rather than my old haunt, insurance).

Not that your correspondent would have any use for me... ;)

Unknown said...

I'm joining the ranks next month as i've just accepted a job offer! god that means i'm a banker then now but only a part time one lol x