Thursday, November 20, 2008

Alex - the cartoon on stage

Last year I did a posting about the Alex cartoon. As I said last year, Alex is an old favourite of guys like me who work in the investment banking world in London. Anyway, the Alex stage play is now back in London for just 4 weeks, from 25th November to 20th December, and if any readers who live in London want to go and see it a 10% discount is available. This offer was sent to me by the play's producer, no doubt as a result of the friendly treatment that I gave Alex in my posting last year. So, in case anyone's interested, details are as follows:

Where: Leicester Square Theatre, 6 Leicester Place, WC2H 7BX
When: Monday to Saturday at 7.30pm, Fridays also at 4.30pm
Economy Seats: £12 and £29.50
Business Class Seats: £45 includes a glass of Moet & Chandon, Souvenir programme and specially designed seatcover!
Youtube promotional video: click here

SPECIAL OFFER: Call 0844 847 2475 and quote ‘Megabank’ or visit and enter ‘Megabank’ as the promotional code for a 10% discount on all tickets until 6th December


Anonymous said...

I wonder whether this investment banker thing is not a thing of the past!? Many of them are trying to keep up the facade but have been fired or retired by themselfes... so maybe your blog should read: retired or (fired) gay banker! You are a parvenue like many others; too much money for too little for too long. Many of them will have or very soon have a lot of time to think about life and how arrogant and selfish they were etc. It will be a very very hard landing, for a lot of them!

GB said...

Isn't it interesting that when people want to say unpleasant things they do so anonymously? In this case, since he's wishing hardship on people, presumbaly he's jealous of what other people have been able to achieve through their own hard work!

GB xxx

Monty said...

Geez, anon, you're being a bit hard on GB aren't you?

And yes GB, it is interesting that negative Nancys always post anonymously.

Never mind, you've got more fans than you do detractors! :-)

Anonymous said...

"a hilarious send-up of the corporate world" - surely they've managed that all by themselves.

Anonymous said...


Exactly the comment I was expecting from you!

Why dont u stuff all the arrogant BS up your ass! Nobody needs your decadent crap about boyfriends A-P ...gaga!

A guy with your attitude and arrogance will never be able to be a successfull banker! You let off a lot of hot air and it stinks!

GB said...

Thanks for your support Monty :-).

Indeed badabing LOL, if anyone had written recent events as a story a few years ago, they'd probably have been branded as a lunatic!

I reckon that when intelligent people find things that they don't like, or rooms which don't smell very nice, then they make a point of avoiding them. Of course, not everyone is that clever!

GB xxx