Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Male buttocks

"How come all these guys have such perfect bottoms?" asks T, looking at the statue of another naked man.

I've come away to Paris again, but this time with my friend T who I first met online in London in late January. Although I'd only visited Paris a few weeks earlier, I wanted to go away for a nice weekend with T, and since I enjoy Paris so much it seemed like the ideal destination. T had visited Paris once before but he'd never been to the Louvre, so we decide to spend Saturday afternoon there taking in as much as we could. And having seen the compulsory painting, we find ourselves wandering through the collection of ancient Greek and Roman statues.

"Well," I reply, "I think the guys that they made naked statues of were either fit soldiers or accomplished athletes, in which case they're all bound to be well formed :-)."

Although T is gay, he's quite closeted in terms of his sexuality, so when he gets his camera out and takes a picture of the statue's arse I'm quite surprised.

"That's quite a gay thing to do you know," I laugh, "photographing the arse of the sculpture of a naked man!"

"I suppose so, but no one's really watching!" replies T, casually.

I can't help thinking that being in the city of another country, where no one knows him except me, must really be helping him to escape the straight-acting life that he lives in London. We wander through a few more rooms, taking a few more photographs of marble arses, when I feel compelled to share an important observation with him.

"You know," I say casually, "your buttocks are at least as good as the buttocks on all these old statues!"

"No I don't think so :-(," responds T, looking me in the eye very briefly, for some reason clearly afraid to accept the compliment.

"OK I'll prove it to you, I'll take a photo of your arse later and show you!"

"Oh no you won't!" laughs T, and he looks round slightly nervously in case anyone heard what I said.

Later that day, having had a delicious supper in one of the very best Parisian restaurants, we're back in our hotel room getting ready for bed. Just for my convenience, I'd booked exactly the same hotel room that I stayed in with W, which is also a room where I'd stayed with ex-boyfriend S too on a previous occasion. I'm ready first, so having taken all my clothes off I jump into bed and turn on the TV. But unbeknown to T, I've got my little camera with me :-).

"Just give me a minute or two," says T, turning away from me as he unbuttons his shirt.

A few minutes later the perfect moment presents itself. T has just slipped off his undershorts, and with his face hidden by the wardrobe door, I've got the perfect view of the back of his naked body from head to heel. Quickly I take a photo, but the flash gives me away!

"What was that??" asks T, emerging from the wardrobe.

"Well," I reply giggling almost uncontrollably, "I've taken a photo, just to compare your buttocks with the buttocks of all those statues that we saw earlier!"

"You can't do that," laughs T, rushing over to the bed without any clothes on and grabbing my camera.

I don't offer any resistance, and T quickly looks through all the photos on my camera.

"Ahh, what's this? Another one!" he says, but I interrupt him.

"No don't delete that," I say still laughing, "look closely, that's not you, that's one of those statues!"

"Oh, yes!"

"SEE," I say triumphantly, "deep down you realise it, you DO have great buttocks don't you!"

"But you can't just take photos of me when I'm naked," replies T, without conceding the point.

"OK! I can see I'll have to be more careful next time, so you don't realise ..."

"Unless you promise not to take any more photos of me like that," says T with a serious look on his face, "I'll never be naked in front of you again!"

I can't possibly deprive myself of the lovely sight of a gorgeous guy like T in the nude, so I have to give in.

"I promise," I reply reluctantly, "but admit it, you do have a great arse!"

Instead of answering me, he simply smiles and gets up from the bed to finish hanging his clothes up in the wardrobe. A few minutes later he climbs into bed and moves over to the centre and starts cuddling me.

"Well ... maybe :-), but then, so do you GB!!"


Ken Skinner said...

Oh man, the statues in the Louvre are great. We often visit and (unashamedly) take pictures. Spending an afternoon with all those heroic figures is great foreplay :-)

Jonathan said...

That was such a cute story, especially the ending! I have no buttocks at all; it's kind of depressing lol!

Ken Skinner said...

Step machines. Guaranteed derriere enhancement. Seriously.

Jonathan said...

Hmm... Perhaps the gym in general would be a good place to start! I shouldn't complain if I have never done anything to remedy it. Thanks for the tip though!

close encounters said...

sweet story !

but i can't believe that you stayed in the same hotel room again!! did you mention to T that you were there a couple of weeks previously with another bloke ?!

Anonymous said...

GB is obviously a creature of habit. When it comes to foreign travel, you want to cash on your experience, contacts, even special rates you may be getting. IMHE, a good policy.

Another good point by GB. Guys who are living a str8 life, for whatever reason they may have are so much better off when away from home. They relax, you relax and fun is just everywhere...


mosiaotunya said...

haha u can take all the photos u like of me

Anonymous said...

ooh Paris again..what fun and with such lovely sights there is to see it seems..... good for u GB

Anonymous said...

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GB said...

I didn't think that we could be the only gay guys that appreciated those statues, Kenski!

Glad you like the story, Jonny X :-). And although I bet that your butt is better than you think, surely you could occasionally manage to visit the gym!

Yes Close Encounters, T did know that I'd been in that room before with other guys :-). Indeed, I'm wondering how many guys I can get to sleep with me in the same room now!

Good idea SilverRRCloud, perhaps I should ask the hotel for a loyalty discount rate. But In fact, for my second visit they charged me more because they said it was now high season!

That's a nice offer mosiaotunya, but would you mind if I posted nice pictures of you here hehe?

Indeed anonymous commenter, whoever you are, but then I always enjoy Paris :-).

Thanks for your thought, Smadraji

GB xxx

K said...
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Anonymous said...

aww, my butt looks like that but theres hardly anything on it, my hips are really deceptive :(

great post xx

Rex D said...

I think it is only fair to show us the picture to compare for ourselves!