Saturday, March 07, 2009

An unexpected txt msg

During 2008, on one occasion I chatted to ex-boyfriend R online, and then a few months later we exchanged a few txt msgs. He let me down badly at the end of 2007, and on neither occasion when we were in touch did he come close to apologising for his behaviour. On the contrary, he seemed to be after an apology from me!

Then, out of the blue, yesterday afternoon I receive a txt msg from him as follows:

Sorry to learn you have split from you boyfriend :)..hope you're not too sad x

So I send him a simple reply:

Thanks for your thoughts.

The curious thing is that ex-boyfriend R knows none of my friends, and I've never met any of his friends either. So there's absolutely no way that he could know what's been going on in my life. Unless ... unless I've got a new reader?


Ky said...
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Anonymous said...

curious isn't it. If one reads blogs and follows links it's not long before they come across one that they find includes similarities to their lives or those of a partner, be it ex or current.
But i'm sure ex R finds your blog as fun and thought provoking as alot of us do.

GB said...

Unfortunately, it now turns out that the truth is much less exciting that I'd hoped :-(. In a private email, Ky pointed out to me that facebook could conceivably be another source of information. As soon as he said that I realised that he was right. Unlike ex-boyfriend P, ex-boyfriend R is still a friend of mine on facebook. Furthermore, I did post a status update on facebook which said that I'd split up with ex-boyfriend P. And if I needed something to clinch the argument, when I looked I saw that ex-boyfriend R logged on last Thursday after not having logged on for many months!

GB xxx

Jonny X said...

Boo! Disregarding the whole "invasion in to your privacy" thing, having one of your ex-bfs discover your blog would have been quite juicy, admittedly. Oh well, another bullet dodged I guess!

GB said...

LOL Jonny X. Actually, having received that txt msg from him, part of me was hoping that he had found my blog. I've always thought that he'd be absolutely furious that I'd been writing publicly about him behind his back, but the txt msg didn't seem angry at all so in that sense it was a relief. But now I know that the source was instead, that relief has evaporated. Never mind eh, as you say, in once sense it's a bullet dodged!

GB xxx

fur inspector said...

Much to our amusement, one of our 'straight' (but seemingly very open-minded!) ex banking colleagues happened upon The Husband's blog while reading yours. When The Husband met him for drinks one evening after work they started discussing some night club escapades. Our friend later connected the dots when he read the same story on The Husbands blog a few days later... ;)