Sunday, July 26, 2009

A couple more holiday pics

Myself and boyfriend T should be returning to London later today. It's been an excellent holiday, and we've got on very well with each other :-). But I haven't had any time for any proper blogging! So instead, I'm just posting a couple more holiday pics. In my post last Wednesday I wondered whether anyone could identify the city that we'd been staying in. It turned out that several readers easily worked out that we'd been in Rome. This time, the two pics were taken in a different towns or cities, but can anyone identify the locations?


Anonymous said...

the second one is siena, piazza del campo

badabing said...

Is it be the Bullring in Birmingham ?

Anonymous said...

Agreed - second one looks like Siena.

Anonymous said...

We think the top one is the top of the leaning tower of Pisa and the bottom one is Siena

TSP said...

Florence !

Just kidding :) The top one looks like the bell tower at the top of the leaning tower in Pisa, and the second looks like a view of Siena's Piazza del Campo from the Torre del Mangia.

Paul said...

The second one is certainly Piazza del campo,Sienna; but I don't recognize the first.
Did you tell T that you were blogging?

GB said...

Daithi and TSP are both exactly right :-). Although Daithi got there first, TSP provided additional details which were indeed correct! Although I'd been to Pisa several times and Siena once before, I'd never climbed to the top of the Pisa's leaning tower or Siena's Torre del Mangia. Alas, I'm back in London now, and missing the gorgeous Italian weather enormously!

Badabing made me laugh :-). Actually, I still remember his comment about hot water bottles a few months ago which made me laugh even more!

T does know that I have a blog, Paul, because I accidently let him see me on blogger. But I told him, quite truthfully, that if he read my blog it would be like reading my private diary and he hasn't brought up the subject again.

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

i agree,, second one is looking sienna ..

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