Friday, August 28, 2009

A great dream?

"Did you sleep well?" I ask boyfriend T during breakfast, a couple of days ago.

"I slept OK," he says sleepily, smiling at me, "you?"

"Yeah, actually I had a great dream last night :-)."

"Really? What happened?"

"It started out in this hotel which had lots of guests even though it was being rebuilt and renovated. Because I was part of the hotel staff or something I was in the loft space above all the bedrooms, but somehow I was able to see through all the ceilings of all the rooms on all the different floors. And in about half of the rooms the guests were having sex!"

Boyfriend T looks at me with a mild expression of surprise on his face.

"In one room there were about five or six guys all on one enormous bed together having some kind of orgy, although across all the rooms the split between gay and straight sex was roughly 50:50. Also, in one room near the reception area there was a female member of the staff from the gym that I go to being taken from behind by some enormous guy."

I giggle slightly at the memory of seeing this.

"But then it turned out that the main character in the dream is cursed. I was kind of the main character, but at the same time I kind of wasn't the main character and I'm just observing everything. The curse was an ancient curse, and it meant I was responsible for all the people who had died in some remote part of Africa, because my family had been receiving some income from this land since ancient times and now I was going to have to pay for it all with my life."

I'm not sure whether boyfriend T is following any of this or not, but I'm enjoying remembering the dream so I continue anyway.

"And then I'm back in the hotel, but I now realise that the hotel is in the remote part of Africa where the curse is from. I'm the hotel owner or the manager or something. I discover that all the staff are on the fiddle somehow, and I want to escape because I know that'll mean that they'll end up paying for all their deceptions, but when I drive away I end up back at the hotel reception desk. Then I'm outside with one of the staff looking under the old wooden floorboards on the verandah, and as expected I find a huge quantity of illegal chocolate kit-kat bars stashed there, and the member of staff that I'm with admits that he's responsible for putting them there. But because of the hot African climate all the kit-kat bars are all sagging. And ..."

"What on earth makes you think that this was a great dream?" interrupts boyfriend T, with a quizzical grin on his face.

"Errr well," I start, dragging my mind away from the dream and back into reality, "it was hugely entertaining, especially seeing the female member of the staff from the gym that I go to being shafted from behind :-)!"

I start giggling again.

"Do you fancy that woman or something?" asks boyfriend T.

"Actually, she looks slightly masculine," I reply, "so if I were straight I guess she'd be the type of woman that I'd go for!"

"Interesting," says boyfriend T, thoughtfully. "Anyway, where I come from, a great dream is where you win a noble prize, or become president, or meet one of you favourite family members who died a few years ago. That kind of thing :-)."

I'm not sure that I agree with his definition of 'great dreams', but suddenly I realise something.

"Actually, perhaps it wasn't a great dream after all," I say slowly, "but for a different reason. You weren't in it!"

"Just as well," laughs boyfriend T, "I wouldn't like to have been any of the characters that you've described so far!"

Even if it wasn't a 'great dream', none the less it was enjoyable. Although the part of the dream where I realised that I was cursed was mildly disturbing. But do dreams mean anything? If anyone has any idea what my dream means, or if anyone has had any good dreams themselves recently, then feel free to leave a comment :-).


Salacious Soul said...

Curse of the African Orgy Kit Kats!

Preston said...

I think the dream means that you want to take part in an orgy. And that this woman from the gym should also be involved. Maybe she used to be a man?? haha.

And the curse is all about a time limit... It means you need to discuss with boyfriend T and start creating your invite lists fast!

As for the kit-kat, well, all I can related that to is saggy cock! And thats what happens if you dont get started quick enough.


Keep posting GB. And Im still waiting for the pending Dear GBs!


Will said...

I haven't the slightest idea what it means but I loved the part where you walked across all the ceilings and saw all the sex. That got me in touch with my inner voyeur. :-)

A-Philosophical said...

Dear GB,

I am Pau from A-Philosophical you linked to your blog. We exchanged comments in your blog last year. As you may remember I am a Uruguayan-born, Spanish-background who relocated to Spain in 2007 from Latin America. I have been LGTBQ Advocate in Uruguay and then USA since my Ex is America and did advocacy in NYC "Human Rights Campaign" (HRC)

Moved in Valencia had little job and too few work opportunities. I stood there for one and a half years, it was by that time that I got your blog and started to follow.

I relocated from Valencia to London on June 23rd. It has been difficult finding jobs. But still, much better-off of a situation than in Valencia where there's plenty of discrimination to foreigners. I feel fine.

Now I am working in a corporate café (20 hours a week) and started last week another part time of 10 hours a week doing cleanings in public buildings early in the morning.

During all this time I have been trying to get involved with LGTBQ Charities like: Stonewall, The Gay and Lesbian Switchboard, GMHF, PACE, LGBT History Month, and many many others.

Still, contacted all, met in person many of them but there seems there's no chance to have a work placement in no place.

My morale now is very low. I came to London because it is a hub for charities and world wide human rights organizations. I am very passionate about Human RIghts. The thing now, is that I am making minimun wage in the two jobs I have. It is not enough to survive in London, especially because housing is so very expensive.

My question is:

Should I enjoy a better quality if life if I move to another British city like Birmmingham, Manchester, New Castle, etc?

I met an advocate last week and as we were speaking about my possibilities, we thought of the idea of asking the corporate café I work for (and I enjoy their work metodology) whether they could relocate within the company to these cities.

Do you think it would be a possibility?

The Advocate told me that in order to volunteer and work opportunities I would have it much better outside London, far more!

What could you tell me?

I am very happy to be in London, I love it but I feel I am not having quality of life at all.

Let me know please. Thanks.


GB said...

Err, that comment Pau, is exactly the email that I posted for you a couple of weeks ago with the title: Email from a fellow blogger. I then replied to your email on Sunday 16th August, 16:07 London time (just two hours after you emailed me). Didn't you get my email or see that posting?

GB xxx

A-Philosophical said...

Sorry sorry sorry

I didnt see it. I didnt get any reply to my e-mail either. I am getting it now. I am witout internet connection, now using a library, my time's is alomost up. I will copy and read it "at home". I hope you understand me. Sorry again.


Bubbles said...

I adore your blog. I'll add you to my recommended's list!

Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

well GB I think you should have 'found' Boyfriend T in the dream when you were re-telling it to him, even if he was not in the original dream.

Nevertheless I think the dream represents your desire for a non-monogamous life on holiday in a hot climate eating chocolate.