Saturday, September 05, 2009

A visit to a sauna in Amsterdam

Over the last few weeks, I've been in email correspondence with a gay South East Asian guy who's in his early 20's, and who only accepted that he was gay a few months ago. He currently living in London, and he's written a short story about a recent trip that he had to Amsterdam. However, the story goes into more explicit detail that I usually post here so be warned. But for readers who don’t mind a story with some sexual content, click here.


Anonymous said...

whoa!!! bludy brilliant....tht was like watchin a movie....does he blog by any chance???

Jay said...

loved the story!


Anonymous said...

Agreed, that was one erotic post. Glad, the guy let himself have a good time though I must admit, I'm keen to know how the rest of night went ;)

Anonymous said...

;) for all the times I've been in Amsterjam I've never tried the saunas. I'm assuming this one was Thermos.

Maybe next time!

They can be liberating but, as the guy said, assume anyone you're with is positive and act accordingly. It sounds like a good start! Nice build up.

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

This sounds like the one I went to - the set up sounds the same.. I'm even picturing it. I can't recall what it was called - but there were two - a day one and a night one - and I recall one had closed down.

A flash from something a friend says burns in mind as I write here.. 'what happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam'. It was certainly an eye-opener for me. And true to form it was my first gay sauna.

I'm glad to read that the trip to the Sauna was well recieved.

Will said...

The young man tells a good story and he tells it beautifully. It might be nice to hear more from this hot writer as he continues his exploration
of homosex.

Anonymous said...

lol, this sounds should i put this..FAKE

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm the writer of this story, thanks for all the comments.

Hmmm ... I can't believe someone thought that it was fake. Probably one of the best compliments of 2009 so far :o)

-Gay Gym Rat

Anonymous said...

wonderful story I never been to Amsterdam but only once to a gay sauna in Barcelona to go into a dark room there you think that there is an octopus with hands what seemed to attract the attention to me was that I have large firm boobs and nipples but what he described is a great and wonderful experience he should go again some time