Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A couple of holiday pics (again!)

When myself and boyfriend T went on holiday in July, we were only away for a week. So with lacklustre weather in the UK during August, we felt that a second week abroad would be a good idea :-). But can anyone guess where we are this time, from the two pics below? Needless to say, any readers who know the answer as a result of private email correspondence with me can't play!


N1David said...

Looks like Santorini to me, but I haven't seen enough of the Greek islands to be certain

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

I've not been to any Greek islands or Greece - but it looks very Greek to my eye.

How you doing buddy.. it's been a long time. Hope all is well with you x

Nik_TheGreek said...

That's def Santorini...
I hope you enjoyed your visit!

Hedgie said...

Definitely Santorini! You should have posted pics of the beach side of the island to make it more difficult! :-) Looking forward to hearing your views on the island.

GB said...

OK guys, I'm impressed :-). I posted these pics at 21:22 UK time, then just half an hour later a comment appears which tentatively suggests the right answer, and within a couple of hours another comment asserts that the tentative answer is correct!

Well done on being so quick, N1David :-).

I'm doing fine SSD :-). I recall doing that post for you a couple of years ago about Competency based interviewing, did you get that job?

I enjoyed my visit very much indeed, Nik_TheGreek :-). Following on from my last holiday, I actually managed to swim a (very) short distance in the hotel swimming pool!

It's a beautiful island, isn't it Hedgie :-). We stayed in a nice hotel in the north of the island, and the views of the caldera were breathtaking.

When I post holiday pics like this, I'm never sure how hard to make it. I always want to make sure that it's possible to work out the right answer. But perhaps I should try and make it a bit harder next time!

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

Santorini is beautiful and romantic, but there's not much nightlife for us boys ;) Been twice. Last time we stayed in one of the cave houses built into the cliffs in Oia. Definitely an experience. We're still big fans of Mykonos, though, so much so that we're headed back there on Friday for the second time this summer ;) it's mainly for crazy party people, though!

Viva la Jet Set, baby!

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

I'm great thanks. Nah I didn't. I had the guy tell me he wanted to recruit me but the other gezzer had more experience and I got the short straw. I was a bit cut up at the time but a better job came along shortly after, and I never did look back. PLus with the whole banking market imploding I'm glad I wasn't in the heart of it, and with that job I would have been.