Monday, January 04, 2010

The perils of skinny dipping

On Christmas day, I blogged that I went skinny dipping with my Thai friend B. For a couple of days while we stayed at a hotel where we had a private swimming pool just outside our room, whenever we fancied a dip in the pool neither of us would wear any clothes. Being naked in the pool with him was great :-). But on a long car journey on the day that we checked out of the hotel, I discovered that skinny dipping can have a drawback.

In many ways I'm an average Caucasian guy. I don't expose my body to the sun much, and when I do, I usually put on lots of sun block cream to protect myself. And in my entire life, the skin of my body beneath my undershorts has probably seen the sunlight less than ten times!

Astute readers can probably guess what my problem is. While I was skinny dipping, I forgot to wear any sunblock! Most of my body was fine of course, because each dip in the pool probably only lasted fifteen minutes or so. However, it's turned out that those parts of my body that have almost never seen the sun were affected! I guess with so little lifetime exposure that region is just ultra-sensitive, and even now ten days later it's still slightly sore.

None the less, if I was in the same situation again and without any sun block cream, I'd probably do the same again. The underwater views of a hot naked male body moving through the water were magnificent :-).


Hedgie said...

I am told smearing yourself liberally with yoghurt has a cooling effect!

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

No pain no gain, as they say.

Happy healing :)

Antony said...

After sun is also good.

A x

DB said...

Aloe Vera, preferably in gel form. That's for if you forget to take precautions in advance. UVA-UVB broad spectrum sunblock if you remember. Your skin will wrinkle less and stay more supple if you use the broad spectrum stuff.

Cash said...

Oh fuck haha, That doesn't sounds too fun. Guess I'm lucky I've been sun kissed since the age of 5.

KenPaul66 said...

Taking a cool oatmeal bath always helps... though it's kinda messy.