Monday, February 01, 2010


A couple of days ago, a reader left a comment asking whether I
"... really talk in [my] characteristically euphemistic way when [I'm] with friends, or is it purely for the benefit of the delicate flowers that are [my] faithful blog readers?"
The truth of the matter is that I myself have a nervous disposition, so talking euphemistically is as much for my benefit as anyone else :-).

Given that I'm easily shocked, imagine my distress yesterday when when we go to visit some friends, and are confronted by the mobile billboard shown in the photo on the right. That bill board is openly advertising heterosexual infidelity! Back in 2005, I mentioned the web site that the bill board is promoting, so its been around for a few years now. None the less, surely this is sign of the lax morality which is slowly infiltrating our society at all levels :-(. The fact that it doesn't seem to cater for gay men is little consolation!