Thursday, June 10, 2010

GHO: naked parties in the USA

A couple of days ago, a reader who corresponds with me regularly sent me the following email, in response to the posting that I did about naked parties in London:

Hi GB,

In response to your query about any of your readers attending "naked parties", the answer from New England is "Yes!" About five years ago I found a group called "GHO" for "Gay Hotel Orgy" (not to be confused with the golf tournament that they have in Connecticut, the Greater Hartford Open). These occurred every few months in local hotels, at either noon to 2pm, or after work between 6pm and 9pm, and attended by usually 18 to 24 men of ages ranging from late 20's to 60's. Not all of them gay, a number of married bisexuals attended as well. Their purpose was simple and straightforward: sex with as many guys as willing and able. More oral activity than anal penetrative--oh, hell--just call it fucking--and always cautioned to practice "safe sex." All activity occurred in full view of all participants--no quiet dark corners for private coupling. Condoms and lube provided; recreational drugs prohibited. I attended at least half a dozen of these, over several years. The group was run by a guy out of Chicago who travelled throughout the country, setting up "parties" in cities from coast to coast. Venues were advertised on his web site, exact location given by phone day of meeting. Sadly, this venture died, to be replaced by another group with different name but same purpose. This too collapsed, inexplicably. It was really great experience, meeting all sorts and conditions, so to speak, including once quite unexpectedly a friend who was also a sex buddy.

If you would like to read more, I have kept contemporary accounts of some of these meetings and would be happy to share.

Keep up the good work.

I was intrigued about what kind of 'contemporary accounts' he'd kept, so I got him to send me one of his accounts from about five years ago. In the email, he pointed out that it's much more pornographic than the things that I usually publish here, and he's not wrong about that! None the less, if case any of my most broad-minded readers want to read his account of a GHO meeting, press here.


Jake said...

I personally just find the whole orgy thing a bit gross, I think mostly because I would never be attracted to the majority of guys there and wouldn't want them all over me. If it was like in a porno, full of hot guys, then it sounds like a good fantasy.

In reality...not so much. I just don't like that whole 'free for all' concept - I feel like I'd be pushing away unwanted advances all the time. Similar to when I've been to a sauna in the past and guys I wasn't remotely interested in have started touching me. Yuk.

Mind Of Mine said...

I find the idea of an orgy intriguing but I think when it actually came down to it, I would chicken out.

I would not be naive to imagine that it would be like a porn movie!

A-Philosophical said...

Good feedback from US America!

People told me that the London Nakid Party does differ from the one in The Netherlands where no-one speaks to each other but just watches, grabs, sucks and more.

In the USA I am sure they differ a lot from Coast to Coast, North and South.

In the west coast, and even Chicago I am sure they nakid events may have more in common to the London Nudity Club since people get to talk to each rather than just a hardcore sexual object encounter.

The charter for naturists events in London is under this forum at but you have to pay to join it. Unfortunately nothing good enough comes for free, it is worthy paying!