Sunday, June 06, 2010

Naked parties

"Have you ever been to one of these naked parties, GB?" asks a friend over dinner recently.

"No," I answer truthfully, "I've never been on the London gay orgy circuit."

Although I'm not entirely sure if that's what my friend is referring to!

"Can anyone go along?" I continue. "A few friends of mine used to go to various London orgies, and I think one of them actually hosted an orgy once."

"This isn't something that happens in people's houses," my friend replies. "I think you have to be a member, but I believe anyone can join :-)."

With that, he gets out his wallet and shows me his membership card. On the card there's just a number and an expiry date. The fact that there's an expiry date presumably means that membership costs money!

"How often do you go along to these parties then?" I ask.

"I've been three times now, but I think the novelty would wear off if I went too often. Just between you and me, I couldn't get it up the first time! But the second time that I went was great! Really really GREAT!!"

A distant smile gradually drifts over my friend's face, and I start imagining what's going through his mind ...

"Anyway," continues my friend, interrupting my day dreaming, "are there orgy events that happen in people's houses too?"

"Errr, I'm sure that there used to be, because as I said, a friend of mine hosted an orgy once. He told me that there were even professional gay orgy organisers to help you, who arrange things such as all the plastic bin bags that people put their clothes into when they arrive. But I think my friend only hosted an orgy once. There was a terrible mess to clear up afterwards!"

My friend laughs and the conversation slowly drifts onto other subjects.

Later I do some online research, and discover what my dinner companion was talking about. It's called Nudity Club, and it happens twice a month. So it's definitely different to the gay orgy circuit that I was thinking about.

Have any readers been to any naked events, either on the London gay orgy circuit if that's still going, or at Nudity Club? If so, do leave a comment and tell us all what you thought :-).


Sir Wobin said...

Hmm.. OK, I'll bite.

I've been to a Nudity night and it was lots of fun. It's a naked club night, not an orgy. People conducted themselves mostly like they would in a club where clothing is worn. Just like some establishments, there was also an area set aside for more intimacy, should someone take your fancy.

There were all sorts of people there. I'd say the average age was younger thirties (they don't call 'em the dirty thirties for nothing, you know) but a fair few older guys too. Bigger guys, skinny guys, muscled guys and a few body fascists who stood around obviously trying to ignore everyone but their little clique, which I found quite funny and a little sad.

I recommend it for the sheer pleasure of an entire evening of feeling naughty!

Anonymous said...


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