Thursday, August 12, 2010

Indisputable proof that god does not exist

While we were in Fire Island recently, me and boyfriend T met up with my female Mexican friend N, who happened to be there at the same time with some of her girlfriends. It was good to see her again, and for a couple of lazy hours, we sit by the public swimming pool in Fire Island Pines, all drinking cocktails together.

"So what have you been up to recently," I ask, keen to know her news.

"Well, I'm finally divorced from that no good EX-husband of mine :-)," she says proudly. "I forced him to admit that it was his fault too, which it SO was. Now that we're legally divorced, I can move on properly!"

We chat a bit about the details, and about what she's been up to, but eventually the subject inevitably turns to men.

"Just LOOK at all these beautiful men around here!" says N loudly to everyone, glancing around at all the fit gay guys in their designer swimwear.

"I tell you," she continues, "this REALLY proves to me that there is no God!"

"How come?" asks boyfriend T, not sure what she's getting at.

"All these perfect gorgeous gym-toned male bodies make me moist, but I know where I am. NONE of them want to fuck me! A fair God wouldn't let that happen!!"

We all burst out laughing, and of feeling of euphoria sweeps over me. Ever since I was a little boy I've wondered whether there was a god or not, so I feel elated to finally know the answer :-).


Cody in CT said...

GB, I've been hoping to hear about your trip to Fire Island. Any more details to share with your readers?

GB said...

Well Cody, I've been to Fire Island before, and not much has changed since then! Apart from the way that ex-boyfriend P (a.k.a. ex-boyfriend #2) feels about me :-(. Do you ever go?

GB xxx

A-Philosophical said...

Hey GB,

The answer of your female friend is just based on flesh and bone and does not provide a real answer. I have my own theory that determines reality is based on behaviour, Personality and the struggle between what it is expected to comform and our desire (lust) to fulfill yourself.

About God I really like an interview I recently watched at from 'Christopher Hitchens' on Q TV.

Needless to say that I am faithfilled person for many reason but that's my motto. I am not a fundamentalist. I am speaking about Faith in myself and my convictions, and also faith to an external (higher or more perfect) entity (I am not falling on the Cartesian ontology though) but entities that provided me with skills and a unspoken mission to go for and they do not judge me. They give me free will. This is why I do believe in the essence of Egalitaism mostly guided by liberalism.

A-Philosophical said...

I haven't had time to follow your blog lately as I had wished neither have I had much time and space to write my very own. I have been more than busy with stuff and situations I cannot address in an entry.

Anyways, glad to see you are more and more popular "out here". I believe you very talented and whether your flesh and intellectual intelligente persish I really like your personality that won't. With your personality you create reality not only for yourself but for others that stay longer than our body and intellect.

Who created you GB? Was it G.O.D.?

Who we should be greateful for your existense?

Certainly you developed yourself based on your own virtues but I believe there's something divine behind. I can't explain many details but I believe in more than the laws of "cause and effect", and we are self-made partly. So, there must be something else. Not gonne be sleepless nights trying to figure out, just enjoy the now. That's the very key!



Anonymous said...

Is it correct English to say 'me and bf T' GB? The key is how the pronoun is positioned :-)

badabing said...

Strictly speaking, all that object-subject palaver, it isn't. But then again this is a blog and it has a conversational aspect that admits such idioms.

Anonymous said...

If you don't mind me asking GB, what is your actual stance on religion? I myself tend to side with Richard Dawkins. It's illogical and just what people WANT to be true. There's so much in the Bible that's been disproven. The age of the Earth, discovery of Evolution etc. Nor do I believe any of those lacklustre excuses that "the Bible is not literal, it's open for interperation" etc.

Alex said...

Your friend clearly doesn't deserve to have any of those men **** her.  Seems obvious that it's the hand of divine justice (AKA God) preventing it.

I mean seriously.  Why would a God who opposes divorce and sex outside of marriage prove that He exists by making it possible for a prideful divorced woman to have meaningless carnal sex with men (who are obviously out of her league.)  If anything, this is proof that God DOES exist.