Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Email from a guy who lives in the English countryside

A couple of days ago, a reader sent me the following brief email:

Dear GB,

Have you any advice how a gay 48 year old who lives in the country can meet someone, as I don’t like internet dating, and we have no gay pubs within 50 miles of where I live. I would be grateful as I have become very isolated.


From his email address, it was obvious that he does indeed live deep in the English countryside.

Because I live in London, I'm not sure what the best way is for gay guys who live in the countryside to meet each other. However, I'd be surprised if the Internet isn't an important part of the solution to this reader's problem. If the reader doesn't like internet dating, then there's Out Everywhere which uses the Internet to organise real world events around the country, although I don't know if there are ever any events near where he lives. Alternatively, it's possible to create a profile on the web site of the UK magazine Gay Times, and interact through their forums.

Presumably some readers of this blog live in the countryside? If so, then if any of them have suggestions I'm sure they'd be much appreciated :-).


Anonymous said...

Not easy because there's a degree of, not so much homophobia, but deep suspicion about any newcomer. Try the Gay Outdoors Club, if you like walking or cycling. Most counties have a gay advice/contacts section on their website. And then there's always the dogging. The secret is to live within easy reach of a city. Also be prepared to travel some distance to get laid. . . or even find a friendly face.

Latelygay said...

Excuse me! Gay man do not do 'dogging'. We have always cruised and I' determined to stamp on any attempts to aplly this tabloid word to our culture!!

Jamie said...

Well I'm from the countryside orignally and to be brutally honest, unless you're remarkably lucky it's very hard to meet anyone. I moved to a city, I know this probably won't help but I'm afraid it's my experience,

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I do not like most of the things I use in order to achieve what I like. I do not like working for money (or anything else for that matter) but I like living well.

I do not like hanging around the airports, going through security checks and waiting for my luggage to come at the arrivals. But I like to travel...

So, growing up teaches you that you have got to use the things you do not like to get what you want.


Will said...

As we would currently say in the U.S., This is to, like, totally wish you, you know, a really cool Christmas, Dude.

And my very best for a happy, healthy and fun 2011.