Friday, December 10, 2010

Email from a middle aged bisexual guy

A couple of days ago, I received the following email from a new reader:

Dear GB,

I'm a middle aged guy who's very closeted, because I'm still coming to terms with the idea that I'm probably bisexual.

I'm not uncertain about my desire for male companionship, I'm just still embarrassed and ashamed of myself due to my Presbyterian upbringing. Besides, I'm really afraid of losing my sons if they have to confront this issue.

I'd really like to become pen friends with someone who's in a similar position to me. Have you got any idea where I could find such a person?

Thanks in advance, J

My first instinct was to post this email here on my blog, because it's possible that one or two of my existing readers might be in the right category to become pen friends with this new reader. Any volunteers?


Marco Vanity said...

I would consider it if I wasn't afraid of being stalked and murdered :(

Deanna said...

where's he live?
If its England, I'm up for it :)

Anonymous said...

yeah I am in a similar position - but down under ! I will email GB my email contacts

Tom in Bondi Beach

Latelygay said...

Hi GB,

Sounds like a job for Lately Gay!

Please point him to my site which is on your blog list and let him know that he is more than welcome to email me directly if he could do with an objective perspective.



georGEY said...

So your story is just like that of Haephaition (Alexander the Great's friend)

Brain Mechanic said...

how funny. hope he finds someone. :)