Saturday, January 08, 2011

Another visit to GB in Shinjuki 2-chome, Tokyo

Last October, when me and boyfriend T were working out our plans for Christmas and New Year, we decide that we have to spend some time in Japan. So after Christmas by the beach, we say farewell to the friends that we were staying with and hop on a plane to Tokyo.

"I used to come to Tokyo regularly when I worked for that Japanese bank a few years ago," I tell boyfriend T during the flight, "but since I changed jobs, I've only been back once."

"All the same, I guess you know Tokyo reasonably well?" asks boyfriend T hopefully.

"I know a few things about the place :-)," I reply, "and if you're interested, I can even take you to the gay district and show you where I used to pick up Japanese guys!"

"Perhaps you'd prefer to go to that area alone?" giggles boyfriend T, "after all, I don't want to cramp your style."

"One of these days I might just take you up on that kind of offer," I laugh. "But it would be good if we could find time to go back there one evening, and see what's changed."

On our second night in Tokyo we go to a smart Sushi restaurant in Ginza for a delicious dinner, but outside on the street afterwards, we're not sure what to do. For some reason, boyfriend T always seems very interested in my sexual history, so when I suggest that we go over to the gay district he readily agrees. We catch a Marunouchi line subway train, and a short while later we arrive at Shinjuku-sanchōme. Navigating our way through the maze of tunnels leading to different exits, we finally manage to locate the staircase in the BYGS building and emerge up onto the street above.

We take a short walk and soon we're getting close to GB bar, which is perhaps the best known gay bar in Tokyo for foreigners like me.

"Those are the steps where the young Japanese guys used to sit and wait," I say, "pretending that they were just hanging out with each other, when in reality they were waiting to try and pick up gaijin like me!"

I feel slightly disappointed that tonight the steps are deserted. Opposite the steps, we head down to the basement, "And this", I continue, "is GB bar!"

Once inside, Boyfriend T looks round carefully. There are maybe twenty or so guys in the bar, but it's less crowded than I remember it.

"It's not as seedy as I expected!" says boyfriend T smiling. "How many guys did you pick up here?"

"Just a chubby fashion designer on one occasion," I answer truthfully, "I had much more luck on the street outside!"

We buy a couple of beers and settle down on two of the stools by the wall.

"It's also quite small, isn't it," remarks boyfriend T.

"And a bit smoky too :-(," I reply, "Living in London, I've forgotten what it's like to go into a bar where smoking is allowed."

For a while we look around at the other customers, trying to decide who the most shaggable guy is, apart from ourselves of course! A little later, some stools at the bar itself become available, so we move across to occupy them and get a better view of what's going on.

"Happy New Year everyone :-)," says a loud voice on our left suddenly, speaking to the whole bar in an unmistakable American accent.

A few guys look up and smile at the new arrival, who seems to be relatively well known. He takes a seat next to boyfriend T and orders a drink.

"I'm F," he says, smiling at boyfriend T, "and you are ... ?"

"I'm T," says boyfriend T smiling back.

"And I'm GB," I say, butting into their conversation and trying to make sure that F understands that me and boyfriend T know each other.

"Ahhh, are the two of you boyfriends?"

"Um, yes we are :-)," replies boyfriend T, smiling coyly at me.

"I've got a husband too," says F cheerfully, "but he's out of the country sunning himself at the moment, lucky devil!"

We strike up a conversation with F, who turns out to be a very friendly guy. After a short while he offers to buy us both a drink and it seems rude to refuse. Bizarrely, F seems happy to talk about even the most intimate details of his relationship with relative strangers like me and boyfriend T.

"How long have you guys been together?" F asks me and boyfriend T after a while.

"Over 18 months now," I reply, "how long have you been with your man?"

"Almost 10 years :-)," replies F, smiling, "but we switch it around a bit, to try and keep it fresh."

"How do you mean?" asks boyfriend T.

"Well, for the first few years I used to Top him relentlessly!" answers F, "but now I'll often take that role. Actually I really enjoy Bottoming for him now :-)."

"So are the two of you monogamous?" I ask.

"Yeah, but I don't think it's hard to be monogamous if your boyfriend is everything you want."

"And my boyfriend is exactly what I want," continues F, "I love his body, and love his cock. He's got a GREAT cock! It makes me choke when I give him oral, but that's EXACTLY what I want. No one wants a cock you can control, none of us want that do we?"

At this comment, boyfriend T starts laughing slightly, and I find myself getting caught up in the situation and laughing as well.

"No," continues F, laughing too, "what we all want is a huge uncontrollable monster of a cock! A cock that makes us gag, a cock that's got a mind of its own, a cock that forces itself on us and enslaves us to pander to its every whim :-)!!"

F is clearly very much the extrovert. The conversation continues for a while in much the same vein, during which time we manage to return the favour and buy F a drink, but eventually it seems like time to go.

Outside, the steps opposite the bar are still empty, but I doesn't matter to me any more. It's been good fun taking boyfriend T to GB bar, but more importantly, the conversation with F has reminded me of one simple fact. It's reminded me how much I love boyfriend T, because putting it simply, boyfriend T is everything that I want :-).


Hedgie said...

Very amusing encounter! Happy New Year, GB!

Anonymous said...

Just when I thought your blog was almost dying. Love the post, GB, and hope you keep having fun choking on T's ==================¦>

GB said...

Thanks Hedgie, and a Happy New Year to you too :-). In fact, Happy New Year to all my readers :-)).

As I said last year, anonymous, I can't find the time to post regularly any more due to work pressure :-(. But I do enjoy blogging :-), so I hope to continue posting on a very infrequent basis, when I find the time!

GB xxx

JohnW said...

What a lovely post - I really enjoyed it on a number of levels. Thanks GB!

Antony said...

Awe that's good, I'm really happy that you are both happy.

Interesting encounter with 'F' ha ha you must both attract them sorta people like I do!

A x

Cody in CT said...

GB, nice to read another of your entertaining blogs. Sounds like you and T are having a great time in Tokyo. Hope to hear more about your trip.

ZP said...

Thanks for sharing this story. Very amusing, and even had an awww moment at the end.

Drew Benn said...

What a character! Great read!

Anonymous said...

How sweet. Marvellous.

Will said...

Delightful, and I'm glad you're not throwing in the towel even with your reduced time to blog. A little of you is vastly better than none at all. A very Happy and Healthy [belated] New Year!

Jeremy said...

Marvelous GB. Will be going to Japan in the 2nd quarter in sleepy Hokkaido, I hear its not nearly as exciting as Tokyo, utter shame really. I do wish you would blog more, but at least you are getting mucho more money....

Johnny said...

aw, sweet.