Thursday, May 05, 2011

UK referendum on the Alternative Vote system

The arguments for "Yes" in the UK referendum on the Alternative Vote system are much less stupid and the arguments for "No", which frankly insult my intelligence :-(. Even worse are the hypocritical arguments of the conservative and labour parties for a No vote, when they use the Alternative Vote system to elect their own leaders!


Mind Of Mine said...

Wow! I did not know the Cons and Labour used the AV system to elect their leaders.

Hedgie said...

Plus of course we use AV to elect the London mayor. I voted Yes to Av too, GB, but I wonder how many other people will actually bother to vote at all? My polling station was completely empty apart from me, and the officials told me they were having a very quiet day.

Moderate Fundamentalist said...

Sadly Dave, Boris and Red Ed in and of themselves aren't exactly arguments in favour of AV.