Friday, December 16, 2011

The new customised condom brand: TheyFit

FitKit image
Yesterday I received an email from an ex Goldman Sachs trader called Joe Nelson, who's set up a company called TheyFit which makes condoms in 95 different sizes! So this is a condom brand that fits both length and girth :-).

The idea is simple. Guys download and print out the Fit Kit, which lets them work out the best size for them. They can then place an order on the web site. If anyone wants to try ouy this new brand, Joe has sent me a code which will give readers a 15% discount:
15% discount code: GBGS15
The 'GS' in the discount code refers to the investment bank Goldman Sachs where Joe used to work. Because of that, London's evening newspaper wrote an article about Joe's condoms with the title Goldman Sex - how Londoners measure up!

It occurred to me last night that if this catches on, the TheyFit measurement codes might one day become the definitive way of talking about cock size. Will women, and guys who like to be bottom, one day be saying things like "My last boyfriend was a D21 which was PAINFUL, but I'm much happier with my new guy who's a comfortable B77 :-)"?

Anyway, if any reader does try out this new condom brand, do come back and leave a comment to let us all know what you think!

Update 14-Jan-2012: Originally the discount code was only valid for 30 days. However, today I got an email from Joe telling me that he'd seen a lot of people use GBGS15, so he's extended it for another month :-).


Anonymous said...

I am a french guy, and I received a few days ago my D21 condoms from TheyFit. Well, I think my sex life for 2012 is going to be much better!
Before, with the standards condoms it was almost a nightmare : It was too small for me, too tight, a kind of "bondage condoms", and often I loose my erection once I put the condom. Now its OK and I am much more confident, not afraid of loosing my erection, and its more confortable.

Anonymous said...

i'm smaller than that, with an E55 but wow what a difference having it fit well made! I am used to a durex being much too long - this one was held in place but without being tight, and rather than a rollup of latex at the base it was just the right length. This is a really smart idea!! Only downside was they took a while to arrive although I did order on Boxing Day!!

Gil said...

I ordered some THEYFIT packs of condoms recently and have tried them out, and what to say, YES this is a brilliant invention.

I have always struggled to achieve a wide enough fit of condom without the condom being too long and rolling at the bottom.

These THEYFIT do exactly what they say "on the box" and I must say are the most comfortable condom I have ever used. My size? I will leave you guessing!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm I think I'll choose 'anonymous' for this :-). I'm S21 so more girth than length. All I will say is WOW. On many levels. I ordered last month and the order didn't arrive, but what happened next was crazy. Basically I contacted CS and they fell over themselves to help - really quick replies and re-shipped my order AND gave me a discount for my next order. Then, the founder sent an email out asking for feedback and I obviously replied to him (hint his name is joe and the company email is We started a really positive dialogue and talked about the ethos behind the company. We also got into the details behind sizing and fit and basically the critical part is your width - so I changed up to an S22 (next width up) and DOUBLE WOW!!!! Still stays firmly in place but now the fit is insane. Why did nobody think of this before!? And I can confirm they are fine for gay sex - you get the usual warnings etc but previous durex I used would break (because they were being stretched so much I assume) and there was no sign of that happening with either my S21 or S22. Highly recommended :-)

Anonymous said...

can confirm that D21 fits brilliantly - give this man the nobel prize :-)

BlokeToys said...

We've stocked some of these previously, and we always had good feedback on them. I haven't tried them myself yet but plan to.

It seems logical that more varied size ranges should have been available for a long time, it's quite shocking that it took so long for someone to actually do something about it and fill the gap in the market.