Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Charity donations at Christmas

Christmas treeFor the last four years, I've asked readers to give me suggestions for Christmas charity donations (see 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010).

In connection with this, a few weeks ago I received a direct email request from a charity called Positively UK for a donation, so I've already used my charity account to give them £100. But there's still an excess in that account of around £1000, so if anyone has any suggestions for the rest then please leave a comment. The only condition is that the beneficiaries have to be registered UK charities :-).


close encounters said...

GB, how about leaving your name on a London organ ?!

Anonymous said...

PAPYRUS - prevention of young suicide in the UK...

My nephew committed suicide two years ago. Still don't know why, and most probably never will do.
Night before he was as he always was.

Realise it's not 100% gay related, but a suggestion.

GB said...

LOL close encounters, but can we have SERIOUS suggestions please? Anyway, see you this evening :-).

Payyrus is a sensible suggestion anonymous commenter, whoever you are. I'm sure some young suicides relate to being gay, and it's certainly a tragedy whatever the reason.

GB xxx

sandy said...

Hi GB,

Lots of animals get abandoned at Christmas and there are some really good groups that do terrific work in helping them. Some of them are;
I havent included the RSPCA and Blue Cross as they're quite famous and probably find it easier to get funding.Let me know what you think.

Sandeep XX

Barry said...

The Albert Kennedy Trust is, in my opinion, a very deserving charity. I also like that it's quite small so it's easier to see where the money is going. It's so nice that you do this.

close encounters said...

GB, a great evening, as always ... next time I'll have to bring you to hear a great organ disgorging an earth moving sound ... and it'll convince you to donate ... I've already got my name on a four footer !!

Antony said...

Hi GB with these difficult times perhaps a homeless charity like Albert Kennedy Trust or Shelter?

A x

GB said...

Just like last year, the Albert Kennedy Trust has strong support and they do seem very worthy, so I gave them £500 again. Beyond that I've given £100 to the suicide prevention charity Papyrus, £15 each to the four animal charities that were suggested (i.e. the Celia Hammond Animal Trust, the Mayhew Animal Home, the Dogs Trust and the Animal Samaritans), plus £200 to GMFA and £100 to Crisis.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for all the useful suggestions, and I hope everyone has a Happy Christmas :-).

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi GB,

Only just got around to checking the site again.

Thanks very much for the donation to Papyrus, and I know that they'll appreciate it.

Happy 2012, and thanks again.