Friday, December 14, 2007

Charity suggestions welcome

For a while now, I’ve had an account with the Charities Aid Foundation. Each month, a fraction of my pre-tax salary gets siphoned off into this account, which means that I can make donations to any registered UK charity in a tax-efficient manner. This is the account that I used to write the cheque for czechOUT recently, when he asked me to sponsor him to raise money for Leukaemia Research.

Christmas treeThroughout the year, I use the same account whenever friends or family ask me to sponsor them, as long as the end beneficiary is a UK charity. However, a bit of a surplus has built up in this account, and since it’s Christmas I think it would be best to distribute the money to worthy causes. Left to my own devices, I’d probably donate to charities like the Terrance Higgins Trust, the charity for homeless people Crisis , and Oxfam. But does anyone have any better ideas? I’d also be willing so sponsor any other bloggers if they’re involved in any events to raise money for UK charities. All suggestions welcome :-).


Diogenes said...

Yes GB,

The Point Foundation provides university scholarships to LGBT students that have been marginalized by family and community. Their web site:

Profiles of scholarship recipients are here:

There are some incredible stories -kids who would not have had a chance otherwise. Many of these students become bankers, lawyers, etc., and Point has sent students to many oustanding schools.

GB said...

That looks like a great idea Diogenes EXCEPT that it doesn't seem to be registered as a charity in the UK. My account with the spare cash can only donate to UK charities, which is why it siphons money from my UK PRE-tax income. Do you (or anyone else) know of a UK equivalent?

GB xxx

Sir Wobin said...

Our favourite charity is The Albert Kennedy Trust who provide assistance to gay youth who are abandoned by their parents and guardians, usually because they are gay.

I hope you and your readers will consider sharing some of your surplus with this worthy cause.

Bobby Vanquish said...

I give to a range of things - and I chose them on the basis of "what are the things that I'm most worried about?" so like, I used to have a fear of going blind so I give to Sightsavers UK etc.
The RSPCA is quite cute because they send you slightly amateurish little calendars every year with pictures of furry kittens on it. It always makes me feel that I've done good. Even if it is a load of little puppies.

The Murphy Syndrome said...

Was gonna post this 2 nights ago but I was about to go out. Bobby Vanquish beat me to it.

Anyway, Action for Blind People - there's not a lot of charities dedicated to people who are blind or partially blind. I don't know anyone blind but I'm a big supporter for charities for the blind. Losing your sense of sight is a very hard experience to have and empathise greatly to the blind and partially sighted. I hope I convinced you, even just a little.i

GB said...

Thanks for all the suggestions guys :-). I've donated £400 to each of the Terrence Higgins trust, Crisis,The Albert Kennedy Trust and Action for blind people. Further suggestions still welcome for future reference.

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey guys;

Kg here in the New York area. Today I had the nightmare or being in a huge toy store full of the most disturbing and vulgar toys that I wanted to run away screaming. I cell phoned a friend who calmed me down and I got armloads full of things I was appalled by. Brixton, my friend and co hort told me something that helped a great deal. Poor children don't get to make choices. They have to take what they get. That shut me up. I bought things that I was trying to hide at the check out. But I did it. I consider myself a very fortunate man. I hope you all do also. Avoid toy stores if you can. We all have much to to be thankful for. Toy stores excepted.

Best of the day


Soul Seared Dreamer said...

My charities of preference are NSPCC and Pheonix Futures. NSPCC being the the only charity I've supported since my early teens.

That's a great thing you've done mate :o) which reminds me I should donate something over xmas.

retrogooseuk said...

Hey, got to your site through the Coterie of Zombies... the charities I give to are the RNLI, Surfers against Sewage, NSPCC, Cancer Research and Asthma UK. I support these charities not only for personal reasons, but because I feel the money I donate is used effeciently and effectively.
All the best and happy Christmas, Allison (

MadeInScotland said...

My charities of choice (I payroll donate each month) include THT and the Food Chain. I thought that it was important to do something for my community.

I also donate to the Alzheimers Society for more selfish reasons. I fear that I will suffer from this affliction in my later life.

I also pay a monthly subscription to the London Gay Men's Chorus even although it has been over a year since I've sung with them (I did for 4 years previously). I realised that they work on many levels. They do fundraisers and at the same time they provide their members with opportunities, be they social support, a non-threatening environment for gay men to find a little more confidence and expression.

This year (as last) I must try and do something more personal-perhaps giving up of my time to a charitable cause.


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