Wednesday, December 05, 2007

GLBT Verve Weblog Awards

What a nice surprise it was for me to wake up this morning and find an email in my inbox telling me that I'm a finalist in the second annual Verve Weblog Awards :-).Verve Weblog AwardsTo vote for me, click here. The voting page seems to be quite graphics heavy so it takes a while to load, but once it's loaded, you'll find me in the the 'Best GLBT UK Blog' category right at the bottom, along with three other guys.

Perhaps its because the blogging world is quite small, but it turns out that I've got reciprocal links to two of the other three finalists. For me of course, the big question is, am I going to vote for myself? "No" is the answer, of course not, it wouldn't seem like 'fair play' (I am British after all LOL). But in fact I've got a good reason to vote for one of the other blogs in my category. Back in August 2005, the author of 'Come into my world' sent me seven icons which he thought might be appropriate symbols for a Gay Banker.
The guy wanted me to choose either the piggy with the boy standing behind him, or the piggy who's mouth is being stuffed full of dollars. But of course, I chose the cute little pink piggy with the single dollar bill, and the rest is history!

Anyway, I was very grateful because I'm not very good with graphics, so 'Come into my world' is definitely going to get my vote :-).


gayAdam said...

Congratulations, and who cares if you're not good with graphics, it's the words that count!

Monty said...

You're getting my vote, that's for sure! I'm just loading the page now...can we vote multiple times??? :-)

Crazy Sam said...

I echo boypolar. You have a great blog. All the best!

Cx3 said...

You are too kind GB, and I can't believe you still have those original pics!

Here is to an honorable competition.

All the best


Humming Bird in Hyde said...

You got my vote even before the competition started :-)

The Murphy Syndrome said...

congratulations. you're insightful blog is worthy of a win.


Im not sure if you have my vote. Web awards are for the most part phoney baloney. Blog awards are a joke - Everyone knows with a half a brain, any website award, blog or otherwise are applied for, never awarded. The awards host gets a free link on your blog or website, it's a scam. The Queer West Village Toronto Blog, has no awards. We just have admirers.

GB said...

Thanks for your support guys :-), except you don quixote! Actually in this case, myself and lonestarverve already had a mutual link, and in addition to that, I get publicity too. But if you don't want to vote for me, I guess I'll get over it!

Take care, GB xxx