Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Another business trip outside of the UK

Last year, on one of the business trips that I took outside of the UK, I took a photograph of an infamous gay establishment and posted it to see whether any readers could identify it. I was very impressed, because it only took a couple of hours for someone to work it out. Since then however, this blog has changed its focus a bit, so that I now tend to write less about the aspect of my life that might involve me visiting places like that!

Anyway, the reason for last Monday's post about long haul flights was that business class travel was in my mind as a result of another business trip. But can anyone identify where I was this time from the pic below? Needless to say, if you're one of the guys who I've actually told where I was going, then you can't play!


Tildar said...

Okay, time warping a bit. Looking back at the old post link, I realize that you commented on my comment about me 'walking by'. The place is pretty close to the municipal building where long-term visitors to SF get their parking permits.

But whatever. Back to the game!

Anonymous said...

Los Angeles of course!

Anonymous said...

or maybe not...Hollywood sign is straight!

Anonymous said...

Los Angeles, quelle horreur! I never fail to warn Europeans on this side of the pond that there is really nothing of cultural merit between NYC and SF in the US (note well that this generalisation includes LA but excludes Boston).

Mais bon, at least you can take advantage of the 27C weather over there...maybe hit up the Getty Centre if that's the way you roll...(the Californian slang will stop now...)


The Murphy Syndrome said...

city of angels. don't know which part though.

GB said...

Well done guys, indeed it was Los Angeles. I knew the Hollywood sign would give it way, but then since there are no prizes here, I didn't think I should make it too hard!

GB xxx

Kaylynn said...


Are you truly saying that the US lacks cultural merit? Did you visit here with your eyes closed? Often times "cultural" is mistaken for deep history and artistic values. This is, however, incorrect. Being that LA is so far different than any other place on earth, I would argue that it is extremely cultural. Culture does not have to infer cultural diversity - because as most know, LA is not exactly the most diverse place. However, it bodes a certain culture that is so captivating, people seek after the "city of angels" like it's gold. Just because LA's culture may be materialistic, money driven, and has a lack of history, it doesn't mean it's not cultural. It's just not what you call culture.

And SF, how can you really say that? SF is one of the most unique places in the world. If you haven't recognized or experienced that, than for you I feel truly sorry.

And honestly, those who believe that only their vision of "cultural merit"
is of value are those that are truly without culture.