Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A business trip outside of the UK

Not so long ago, I went on a brief business trip outside of the UK. While away, I was able to visit the infamous gay establishment pictured here. But can anyone tell me the name of this establishment?


PK Lexton said...

Has the feel of San Francisco, specifically somewhere South of Market. While I don't believe I've been to this particular establishment, I could make some educated guesses, especially with a little research, and based on a cursory familiarity with your habits gleaned solely from your postings.

Am I warm?


An admirer from afar (though not so far from the location I've guessed).

PS: By the way, you write very, very well, but you've probably been told that before. You have a most entertaining blog. Thanks for the public service!

PK Lexton said...

Me again. Yes, thanks to an educated guess and a visit to the "bird's eye view" feature of local.live.com, I've believe I've found a very likely candidate at 933 Harrison St. in the above-mentioned city. I also believe I know what goes on there, but I leave that for you to tell.

Tildar said...

Looks like Blow Buddies, I'm ashamed to say :) (To be more blunt than pk lexton.)

I've walked by that building (never went inside). Recognize the windows though.

Gay banker said...

Well readers, I am very impressed! Within a couple of hours of the challenge being set, the riddle is solved. I'll do a posting about my visit to Blow Buddies at some point, but meanwhile I'll leave you with Joe.My.God's posting on the subject!

GB xxx

Gay banker said...

Actually tildar I'm not sure I believe you, Blow Buddies isn't exactly on the way anywhere so I don't think that anyone just walks by. Anyway, you're secret is safe with me, I won't tell a soul!

GB xxx