Monday, May 08, 2006

A visit to boyfriend number 3 in the week after Easter

I hadn't seen boyfriend number 3 for a couple of months, so when I get back to work on the Tuesday immediately after Easter it's good to get a txt msg from him:

bf#3: At work today? Got time to visit? Had a good clean this morning?

Since our first meeting when he was suspicious that I hadn't had a shower before visiting him, my general cleanliness has been a rich source of humour between us. Unfortunately, because the previous day was a bank holiday, various meetings have been moved forward from yesterday to to today so there's no way that I can find the 2+ hours required to visit him. But perhaps he'll be available later in the week:

GB: hihi m8 :-) unfortunately full diary following Easter break. This week Wed or Friday lunchtime would work? Hope u had a pleasant Easter (& not too slutty!), luv+kisses from your Shower-Fresh GB

I get a reply fairly quickly

bf#3: Just my luck for you to be shower-fresh on a day you're unavailable :-( buzz me wed am if you're free x

GB: U know me, I'm always Shower-Fresh!! Anyway I'll phone you 2moz after 9am :-)

So I phone him Wednesday morning:

"Hi it's GB, how are you?" I start.

"Fine ta."

"So I could visit you at lunchtime if you like?"

"Yes, that would be good. What time do you think you'll be able to get here?"

"About 12:30 I guess. As usual!"

"Saying 'as usual' makes it feel just a tad sordid", laughs boyfriend number 3, "but around 12:30 works for me!"

"One thing though", he continues, "I don't have any condoms. So depending on what you want to do, perhaps you could pick up some on your way?"

Later in the morning I pop out of the office to buy a few coffees for me and my colleagues from the local Caffè Nero. And while I'm out of the office I pop into Boots Chemists to buy something from their family planning department, just to keep our options open.

I arrive on time after an uneventful cab journey.

"Would you like some fruit juice", asks boyfriend number 3 once I'm inside his flat.

"Yeah, that would be great". In fact this has nothing to do with The Fruit-Juice Request because boyfriend number 3 always gives me fruit juice, to which he usually adds a subtle twist of lime.

While I'm drinking the fruit juice, we sit down on his sofa for a chat.

"Oh, I've got a request", he says after a while, with a slightly mischievous tone to his voice.

"Uh-huh? What's that?"

"Can I video us?"

If I was visiting someone new then I'd have big reservations about the request, but this is boyfriend number 3, I feel I know him quite well.

"Sure", I reply, "why not?"

"What a slut you are GB", he laughs, "I expected you to put up at least some resistance!"

"But what does that make you then?", I reply laughing too, "I may take a starring role in this video but I'm not the one who's going to be watching it!"

It turns out that the video equipment is only a phone camera, but later when we get down to business it seems to be capable of making a reasonable record of some of our activities.

"You should do porno", says boyfriend number 3 afterwards, "the camera likes you!"

"Do you really think so", I reply surprised. "Don't you think I'm too old?"

"You'd be surprised", says boyfriend number 3 with a knowing look in his eye, "There's a market for all sizes and ages!"

Just like last time, we finish off by having a lovely long naked cuddle with each other. I even fall asleep for a short while, holding him in my arms, but eventually the alarm he set goes off and it's time to go.

"You're a very cuddly person", says boyfriend number 3 as we're getting dressed.

On the way back to the office I get chatting to the taxi driver.

"I was brought up round here", says the cabbie, "but it's gone downhill since I lived here!"

Immediately I think back to the previous conversation I had with a taxi driver on my way back to the office after a session with boyfriend number 3. No, not again!

"Errr, did you see the match last night?" I say in a desperate attempt to change the subject.

Luckily it turns out that the cabbie doesn't particularly follow football, because I certainly didn't see the match. The only conversations about football that I'm any good at are ones discussing which players are the most shaggable!


Anonymous said...

From all that I've read about bf's 1,2 and 3 (my interpretation, exactly from the way you put it across), I tend to feel you seem happier with bf#3 - and I think I like bf#3 as well. So far, he's the only one you've portrayed with a sense of humor.

GB said...

Hmmm, very perceptive Legal-ize-IT. Boyfriend number 3 and myself certainly have a good laugh about things. Boyfriend number 1 does have a sense of humour, although he hasn't been in a particularly good mood recently. And because boyfriend number 2 doesn't live in this country, I haven't seen him face to face since the holiday I had with him last summer. But I do talk to boyfriend number 2 on MSN and e-mail, perhaps I should do a post about what he's been up to sometime.

GB x

Anonymous said...

I agree with Legal-ize-IT to be honest. You speak fondly of BF #3 - how do you find the long-distance side of BF #2? Frustrating? I think I would.

GB said...

I guess that in my terminology, the distinguishing feature of a 'boyfriend' is that I'm very fond of them, and feel some kind of emotional attachment. Since this isn't standard terminology, I'm not sure to what extent boyfriends numbers 2 and 3 would call me a 'boyfriend' in return.

Anyway, since I've got boyfriend number 3 and especially boyfriend number 1 in London, it really doesn't matter that I never see boyfriend number 2. When it eventually happens, it'll just make the next face-to-face meeting with boyfriend number 2 all the more special.

GB xx

Anonymous said...

I get ya... I guess I would use FB where you use BF ;)

GB said...

ROFL saddle up :-)))

But bf#2 and bf#3 are both more than FB! bf#2 has certainly given me a lot of emotional support since I 'came out' to bf#1 that I wasn't monogamous, and I've given him a lot of emotional support in various ways too. There's been some (although less) emotional reciprocation with bf#3 too, but then as everyone seems to have noticed, myself and bf#3 are fond of each other.

GB x

Anonymous said...

Oh no.. I understand fully... I just think our classifications are different :)

I, perhaps, didn't emphasise the B in FB :)