Friday, May 26, 2006

Gay Banker interviews saddle-up

I was flattered when I read saddle-up's first ever posting, because my blog seems to have been one of the things which prompted him to start his blog.

I've never interviewed anyone like saddle-up before. His blog says that he lives in East Anglia, and a cunning google search suggests to me that it might be . But I've never been to King's Lynn so that doesn't help me much!

He's got a boyfriend (Fella), but he gives the impression that there are some relationship problems. He regrets that they don't have sex any more, and in a list that he posted early May he says

I MISS: laughing out loud with my Fella
I START: arguments just for contact with my Fella

And then there's the mysterious Mr X. Both saddle-up and Mr X have long term partners, but in a recent posting saddle-up says "I don't know... it's like we are wired up the right way for each other".

So saddle-up, here are my interview questions:
  1. Your first gay experience was with a guy much older than you. Do you think that has any connection with the fact that all these years later, your long term partner is also much older than you?

  2. Excluding anything that you've already blogged or related to your 'mods', can you describe the most memorable day of your life so far?

  3. After your first two posts you deny being a slut. But the next day you admit that you're a slut after all! To clear up this confusion, can you recount your sluttiest experience(s) and let my readers decide for themselves?

  4. How did you meet your Fella?

  5. And finally, a chance for a bit of creativity. Imagine: you and me are contestants on a reality TV show. Although I don't know it, the task you've been given is to persuade me to get a 'mod'. What happens?
The next interview candidate is bullchef. I'll try to get his questions out in the first couple of weeks of June.

Update: it only took saddle-up around eighteen hours to come up with these fabulous answers. And his answer to my first question is a fascinating story.


gayboydiary said...

I hope all this interviewing isn't stopping you from having sex! Another good set of questions, well done! GB(D)

Saddle Up said...

Amazing questions... This will take a few days but I already started working on answers. The tough thing is you picked real interesting topics.

Gay banker said...

LOL don't worry GB(D), I'm still having fun. Although I'm getting quite a bit behind on the postings I want to write. I'm gonna try and make a concerted effort to catch up, so you might find me posting a bit more regularly over the next week or two.

GB xxx

Saddle Up said...

Answers posted here

I hope I did you justice :)

Reluctant Nomad said...

Great set of questions and great set of answers. How on earth will I be able to top (snigger!) those?

S said...

Everyone's being interviewed lately!

Interview me, interview me :) I swear I'll give you some interesting stories if you ask the right questions ;)

Gay banker said...

OK s, you can be after LJKelley, which probably means I'll get the questions out late June or even early July because I can only manage about one interview every two weeks or so. It would help enormously though if you could do a few more posts to give me some clues!

GB xx

S said...

Of course, I understand that you are quite a busy man. Sorry to bother you, please do not feel pressured in any way or hurry for me.

Will keep posting! =)

Gay banker said...

I'm more than happy to interview you saf, you'll just have to be a bit patient for me to get round to it 'cos I've got such a back-log of other things to post at the moment. Actually you'll be my first female interviewee :-), all the others were gay guys!

GB x