Monday, October 29, 2007

How do I meet other gay professionals in Asia?

Just over a week ago, I received the following email from a gay guy in Asia:

Dear GB,

I just found your blog by chance and I think it's great! Thanks for all the information. I just need a little bit of advice, and would be most grateful if you could help.

I am oriental, and now not a banker. I am a lawyer with one of the magic circle firms, and now aged around 30. I just fully accepted that I am gay, and will now stop dating women. All my life, whether in the City, HK or BKK (where I am now based) I have always fancied male clients and colleagues. They are of course lawyers and bankers! The problem is that we are all straight acting, and if we fancy another straight acting gay person we never get to know. No one is certain so no first move! I just found out from a senior VP of a bank that after 7 years of having worked together, he really fancies me! Days go by without knowing where and how to find like minded people even though you work with and talk to them every day!

How do we get to know others gay professionals in our societies? It's hard. Do you know any similar blog or website for professional gay bankers mainly in Asia? I have moved back to Thailand now.

Again, your views would be most welcome.

Warm regards

I feel I should say straight away that I have no idea what the answer to this guy's problem is :-(. In London we have the interbank drinks, the village drinks, and also citypink for lesbians. But in Asia, I don't know of anything equivalent, in any of the major cities.

Now that my boyfriend number 2 knows about this blog, I asked him for his advice because he's originally from Singapore. But I didn't think his reply was very useful! All he said was

Ask him to check out He'll find plenty of dates and mates there.

Of course, I would have mentioned anyway. It's the gay dating web site which is based in Asia, and I know about it because I myself have had a profile with them for over two and a half years. I expect the reader who sent me the email knows about it too! But in terms of a web site focussed on gay professionals in Asia, I have no idea.

If there isn't any way for gay professionals to meet in Asian cities, perhaps it's a business opportunity for some of the local gay professionals? In any case, since I'm clueless here, the main purpose of this Dear GB posting is to get reader's views. So does anyone know of any way for gay professionals to meet each other in Asia?


Tales of the City said...

May its time for this Young Man to do something about it and start a network. There is a business idea waiting to be exploited. But given the Asian worry of being caught out.. it has to be a trusted network.

Anonymous said...

no shit! i'm a singaporean banker working in hong kong and its difficult as hell meeting guys given the hours and the unfortunate lack of eligible gay guys who're out in this industry. fridae doesn't really work well for me as i'd rather go to bed than sit around all night increasing my hearts to profile views ratio and waiting for replies to my messages.

well - all i really wanted to say was - yeah i'd sure like to know as well!

Anonymous said...

o gosh, can't agree with kc more...
another desperate hk bankers..

i'm now in corp finance and the case is even worse...

super long hours + ineffective fridae..

any better solutions? :P

Masturbedroom said...

kc and jacky, why don't you guys arrange to exchange hearts in person?

Tales of the City said...

Exactly - why the hell don't one of you organise drinks somewhere and get everyone else to come?

Paisid said...

shouldn't be too hard in bangkok really. tell him to check out the bars in 'lang suan.' lots of gay professionals hang out there after work.

Unknown said...

There are some gay professionals from asia signing up at

its free too

Claire said...
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