Friday, June 06, 2008

New gym

A few weeks ago, I decided to change gym. I'd been a member of my previous gym for almost ten years but when new management arrived, there were changes which annoyed me in several ways so I decided to look elsewhere. In any case, London has some good gyms with multiple branches these days, so opting for one with a branch close to my home and another branch close to the bank where I work makes much more sense.

After a couple of workouts at the new gym I decided that my old workout needed a face-lift, so I approached one of the eager young gym staff that are always hanging around the desk in the main workout area.

"Hi, I just joined recently, so can I book a session with someone, to sort out a new exercise routine for me?"

"Hey, sure thing," he replies enthusiastically, "do you prefer male or female trainers?"

Of course I always prefer doing it with guys, but I've never spoken with this trainer before so I'm not going to say it like that!

"Well, I guess I prefer a bloke," I say in my best business-like voice.

"No problem mate, I'm Mike," he says smiling at me and offering to shake my hand. "I'll sort something out for you, so when do you want to come in and see me?"

The session with him the following week was very useful. He had an honest, down to earth, heterosexual kind of approach to everything which I found quite refreshing. Looking back, my previous gym was quite gay. In contrast, the gym near work is full of clean-cut masculine city guys, sweating with heavy weights in the workout area, and chatting with each other about their jobs and wives in the changing rooms.

Even so, beneath the straight appearance I've already spotted some potential for activities! My previous gym used to have a sauna in the men's changing rooms, and it turns out that my new gym still does.

Indeed, on my second visit I visited the sauna after my workout, and it ended up that there was just me and another guy in there both sitting naked on our towels. Glancing over at him, I couldn't help noticing that his equipment was gradually getting bigger, or was I imaging it? In fact the more I glanced over at him, the bigger it seemed to get. I guess my own reaction to the situation encouraged him further, and soon he started playing with it. I wasn't at all interested in him, but not having been in that situation for a while I just couldn't stop watching. Unfortunately I didn’t get to find out how far he was going to go because another guy came in and interrupted him. None the less, I think I'm probably going to enjoy the new gym!


Anonymous said...

Hey GB, stumbled upon your blog a couple of days ago – very insightful, I find your philosophy very liberating but not sure I have the balls to practice it. Being a shy person around people that I don’t know I wonder how you are able to be so forward – is it that you never feel timid? In fact, this is another question – are there situations where you feel less than confident?

Anonymous said...

Well I never had that sort of experience in a gym, but certainly in swimming pools. I used to go swimming in a pool in the Barbican aduring lunch breaks. A few times I used to exchange glances with a cute greek guy. One time we were alone in the communal shower and we were quite - errrr - excited and we went to stroke our mutual "pride", but we were quickly interrupted by another guy walking in. Another time he ushered me into his changing cubicle, but I didn´t want to get chucked out of the pool, so I didn´t reciprocate. I tried to talk to him to get his ´phone number, but he only wanted to let his body parts do the talking.

Another time I did stand next to a cute SE Asian guy in the showers of a swimming pool in Waltham Forest and he ended up coming back to my place thart evening and cute a few evenings after that.

Both pools were not really that "gay" (the Oasis pool in Holborn use dto be quite "gay").

But they both happenned many, many years ago. I don´t go swimming any more.

close encounters said...

sounds promising ... can't wait to hear more about your activities in the sauna !

Humming Bird in Hyde said...

*wonders* if it's the same gym I go to *wink* xx

Tony Adams said...

I don't think I can remember ever being in a gym sauna where that did not happen. No, I cannot think of even one, anywhere in the world. It tells you something basic about male human nature, doesn't it? Something many people just don't want to believe.

GB said...

Interesting questions, MTmtl. I wasn't always as confident as I am these days, but I think the answer to your question is that it's easy to be confident in situations that one is familiar with. By extension, I sometimes find it harder to be confident when I'm in unfamiliar situations.

I think that sort of thing happens all the time, BritInTheHague, when guys are open to the possibilities.

I wouldn't get too excited close encounters. Since that incident the temperature seems to be much hotter in the sauna whenever I've been inside. I'm not sure whether they gym management are deliberately taking action to try and stifle activities, but if so I'd say that it's working :-(.

If we do go to the same gym HBH, it would be interesting to be in the sauna at the same time as you :-).

Well indeed Father Tony of the Farmboyz, now that you mention it neither can I!

GB xxx

close encounters said...

i thought you were made of sterner stuff !

Anonymous said...

Ummm... my gym has a mixed sauna and obviously strictly clothes on :( besides it's full of the people I work with. Time for a change?

Dan said...

Very nice gym then?

Monty said...

Oh you! You're an unstoppable force of nature - surely a little bit of heat isn't going to curtail your activities??? :-)

GB said...

Well guys, I suppose a bit of heat wouldn't stop ME, but the fact is that it's definitely hotter in there so I guess that the heat has unfortunately deterred some of by potential gym buddies because I haven't seen anything interesting since then!

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

I think that might be the same gym I go to, but having only ever been a member of one place, I'm not sure how many other gyms in the City have male-only steam rooms or saunas.

Which one's do?