Thursday, December 18, 2008

The post-orgasmic sensitive helmet phenomenon

Over the years that I've been meeting other guys for fun, I've noticed a couple of differences relating to the male orgasm. Firstly across guys of a similar age, some guys are able to cum very quickly if they want to, whereas other guys really need to build themselves up to it. For example, there's one young guy that I see sometimes who cums almost as soon as I get his clothes off, but I've been with other guys who're around the same age who need much much more attention.

Perhaps more interesting, however, is the issue of sensitivity to touch after orgasm. After they've cum, the helmet of some guy's cocks will suddenly become incredibly sensitive so that it's very painful for them to have it touched. With other guys however, myself included, there's not much difference before and after orgasm.

Just like the issue of the gay gene that I mentioned previously, it's interesting to speculate as to the evolutionary reason for the post-orgasmic sensitive helmet phenomenon. Is it simply meant to encourage guys to rest once the deed is done, and to save their seed for another occasion? Related to that idea, perhaps the idea is that the guy should move on and find another women to impregnate?

Another thought is that since the helmet is bound to be touched afterwards, for example on exit from one of the guy's partner's orifices, sexual activity for such a guy is presumably always expected to be accompanied by a bit of discomfort at the end. This surely acts as a deterrent to having sex, which strikes me as the reverse of what evolution would be trying to achieve? But maybe the sensation of the orgasm itself in such a guy is more intense and enjoyable to compensate?

It would have been interesting if I'd been keeping detailed records of the ethnic background of the guys that I've encountered who've had the post-orgasmic sensitive helmet, because my impression is that a lot of them have been east or south-east Asian. However, taking consistent notes on the sexual characteristics of the various men that I've had fun with over the years would have been a bit geeky. One can imagine the situation immediately after the finale:

"Ooooo, Arrgh," says the guy, accompanied by a sharp intake of breath, "Sorry! It gets very sensitive ..."

"That's interesting," I reply, reaching for my PDA, "where did you say you come from again?"

"Errr Singapore," replies the guy, relaxing a bit now after the event, "why do you ask?"

"Oh I'm just interested, don't worry," I reply, avoiding the question. But then I grab his helmet again, "And does that still hurt now?"


But of course, I'm not that weird! I don't take notes on this or any other phenomenon.

I guess I find the post-orgasmic sensitive helmet phenomenon interesting because I'm not one of the guys who experiences it to any significant degree. And if orgasms for guys that do experience it are more enjoyable, I guess I'm just a bit jealous!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting post. I've got it and I'm from South Africa. Surely there are other factors that must contribute to this "phenomena" - eg age, cut/uncut? Not sure how but have also thought about it...

Anonymous said...

I also wondered about the cut/uncut concept. I have found that uncut guys seem to be very sensitive whereas I am cut and don't find it much different after orgasm.

Have you ever said GB if you are cut or uncut?

Sir Wobin said...

Are you saying that you've surveyed a astatistically significant population of gay men GB? Or is that an aspiration? :-)

I'm super sensitive after le petit mort. The way I deal with it is not to move afterward. Hold tight, cuddle and relish the bright clear space of mind until the sensitivity returns to normal. Kiss, stroke his back and revel in his presence to make it enjoyable for him.

In evolutionary terms for straight folks that might mean she couldn't go running off to find other company shortly after an encounter. Realistically it's probably irrelevant since neither type of after effect dominates in the population.

K said...

I also think it has more to do with being cut / uncut.

Uncut guys will naturally have a more sensitive 'helmet' than Cut guys since the helmet is normally covered for uncut guys and will be more sensitive to touch.

The exception to this will be if the uncut guy has a lot of 'practise' in desensitising his ahem 'helmet' and vice versa :)

Just a thought.

Sean said...

You might find it interesting that they have found there is no one gay gene, but a broad range of genes that all contribute to homosexuality. Apparently it's spread all over our DNA.

I personally think that there is probably more to the biological "purpose of life" then the proliferation of an individual's species. Why does a member of a particular species care, even subconsciously, whether its own kind survives or not? Perhaps it typically cares a great deal more about its own pleasure and longevity, or something else entirely?

Thanks for the article from the economist I think it shows that there are many possible reasons for homosexuality that we haven't even considered, including perhaps purification of the gene pool or simply a pleasurable outlet between opportunities for copulation. Homosexuality may also exist as a population regulator. This sounds totally antithetical to natural selection, but perhaps we're wired to control our own populations when there are no outside predators to do it for us and thus preserve the symbiotic balance of nature.

Sean said...

I think I also heard that removing the foreskin actually does not reduce sensitivity. Wikipedia it.

Anonymous said...

lol. it's like precum: why do some men leak, and others don't?

David said...

Interesting post GB! Found sean's comment on the whole evolution part good too. This cut/uncut sensitivity issue has caused a lot of controversy. Would be cool to know what your view on circumcision.
mutilation of the body or a way of keeping it clean?

Tony Adams said...

I never hang around long enough after to coming to notice whether they're shuddering with sensitivity or longing for more.

Interestingly, the word verification for this comment is "joidure". sort of a frenchism for happy-hard?

Anonymous said...

evolutionarily, it likely goes hand in hand with the whole 'falling fast asleep' thing. the guy doesn't want to do it again, but instead falls asleep. which gives the girl the opportunity to get up, get out, and get someone else without him knowing about it.

not great for the guy, but fantastic for the reproductive success of the female: she snags herself a good provider and father for the children, but is still able to rush off and see if there's anything 'fitter' out there to father a child or two.


there endeth the gospel according to St Dawkins.

Anonymous said...

Cut and uncut might be part of the reason. I'm uncut and used to find post orgasm that I couldn't bear to be touched for up to an hour. For lots of reasons these days I tend to skin back as the norm so almost cut, the discomfort is now barely noticeable and I can usually go again much more quickly - even ten years older.

the penile poet said...

A very detailed analysis I must say. I tend to agree with you except for "cut" guys. They don't have much feeling really.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the cut-uncut explanation, since my cut partner has the post-orgasmic sensitivity, and I don't, though I'm uncut. He also tends to cum slightly more quickly than me.

GB said...

I think guys probably become less sensitive with age, Kail, but my impression is that cut/uncut has nothing to do with this phenomenon. Indeed, in a comment below Mercutio gives good evidence in favour of this impression of mine.

I reckon that if you had remained uncut it would be much the same for you, first anonymous commenter, whoever you are. The helmet of uncut guys might be less sensitive overall than cut guys, but this phenomenon is surely about a sudden change in the way the brain interprets the signals it receives.

Actually LWW, I don't think I've surveyed a statistically significant proportion of the population LOL. But I suppose I could volunteer my services in that direction :-). It's dirty work, but someone should do it!

As I say above Ky, I've very sceptical in connection with the cut/uncut theory.

You're right Sean, the Wikipedia article on circumcision references sources that suggest that cut guys are just as sensitive as uncut guys.

Lets study one topic at a time Closetalk :-).

I've put cicrumcision on my list of posts to write, David.

Hmmm Father Tony, I think I have much more concern for my sexual partners than you do, however well I know them.

I've always thought that typical female behaviour was more to focus on one guy at a time, An occasional reader. Although I'm sure there might be some women who'd do what you suggest!

Very interesting Phil, although I've found this phenomenon in both cut and uncut guys. Indeed, it could be that age has more to do with your experience. My guess is that if a guy becomes sensitive after orgasm, the effect is likely to decrease with age.

Surely you're overgeneralising Penile Poet, especially because some cut guys experience this phenomenon.

Fascinating comment Mercutio :-), and it reflects my experience too, namely that the root of this phenomenon isn't related to whether a guy is cut or uncut.

GB xxx

Jonathan said...

I have had experiences of guys with this, although in one such case the person was so sensitive that the feeling they had afterwards was more like a second orgasm than any kind of pain. Odd.

Smiling4Now said...

Iamgine doing that after being with someone! The questions i mean!!!! :D