Monday, January 19, 2009

Some Thai Buddhist wisdom


The Honourable Husband said...

Belated lessons for your profession, perhaps, GB?

(You've truned rather philosophical, lately. It suits you.)

Ken Skinner said...

"Good to forgive, best to forget"

That sounds like incredibly good advice to follow after an acrimonious breakup! I'm not certain you ever really get over the negative side of failed relationships until you forgive both the other person and yourself and then put it behind you.

There wasn't a "Greed Is Good", I don't suppose?

Anonymous said...

selfishness is the father of all evil, then ignorance is the real evil. hmmm, leaves me scratching my head as if something's just not right.

there is more happiness in giving than in taking. i totally agree, and my hubby totally disagrees!

Anonymous said...

There is much wisdom in the teachings of buddhism, what was relevant 2500 years ago is as relevant today... hope it helps you in these difficult times, GB

Anonymous said...

There are great. Do you mind if I ask where they were taken?

GB said...

Well yes indeed headbang8, but I have no doubt that the lessons recently learned in the banking profession will have to be learned yet again at some point in the future.

Indeed Kenski. So who was that guy that I had a relationship with recently? LOL. There were other sayings that I didn't photograph, but I think I managed to get some of the best ones, although for some reason they forgot to do a "Greed is Good" one!

Indeed, Anonymous whoever you are, I spotted that inconsistency. Presumably the giving vs taking is a top vs bottom joke LOL!

Thanks for your kind thoughts Olympian, I'm trying to remain philosophical about the situation.

They were taken at a Buddhist temple in Thailand, vincentinparis. If you want to know more, send me an email.

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

Here's something I saw on the front page of The Times on Saturday.

"Too many bankers fail to realise they are grossly over-rewarded and have no sense of society"

I have to admit that I partly agree with it, in that SOME in the City take huge risks with other peoples money for personal gain. There are some true professionals of course. But, having met a few guys from the City, I have always been surprised that their skills are very limited/narrow, yet they are paid a fortune!


GB said...

Hi 'One of the little people', I doubt that your comment will get many responses now that this isn't my latest posting.

But for what it's worth, there are other professions where people get paid a lot of money for narrow skills, e.g. football. One problem with banking though is that people focus on the tiny tiny proportion of people who get paid mega-bucks. Although those people do exist, they're not representative. Far more common are bankers that get paid similar amounts to people in other professions such as lawyers, consultant doctors etc.

Anyway, just a few thoughts on a Monday evening.

Take care, GB xxx

Anonymous said...

I love all the signs in your post!