Friday, January 09, 2009

A couple of dilemmas

I posted a little dilemma that I was facing on Christmas day, but now I'm facing a couple of new dilemmas.

This morning, a lovely email was waiting for me when I checked my inbox:

Hi there,

I've been following your blog for the past few months, you sound fun, and fit! =) While I've read about your policy regarding meeting your readers, I thought I'd just drop you my gaydar screename. Surely I won't be able to guess who you are if you dropped me a line there should you be interested? =) Anyway, my gaydar screename is XXXXXXXX. Good stuff you have on the blog, keep writing!


Within a few weeks I may be completely single again, because the timeout with boyfriend P will soon be over and the ultimate conclusion may well be that we split up :-(. However, in my search for a new boyfriend, perhaps it would be all right to contact readers like the one who emailed me today as long as they don't know that I'm GB in the early meetings? Obviously I wouldn't be able to keep it hidden for more than a few meetings, because when I talk about my job and my holiday destinations etc it would obviously match what I've said here in my blog! But if I could keep things hidden to start with, it would overcome some of my major concerns about meeting readers. Needless to say, I had a look at the gaydar profile of the reader who sent me the email, and he's clearly a hot, intelligent guy :-).

The other dilemma that I have concerns my next posting. I really should be writing another 'Dear GB' response, because there are two requests pending, and it's been several weeks since I received the corresponding emails. However, I keep getting requests for another Encounters post, for example in a couple of comments (1, 2) to my last posting. Is it time to give in to these sordid requests?


Kenski said...

Tricky. How hot is he :-)

Rest assured, GB, that not all of us readers are after your cherry (or the whole fruitbowl)!

Personally, I'd fall on the side of 'don't do it'. The guy may be totally cool, but there are loads of crazies out there. Even meeting fellow bloggers when your site is about your personal life is something of a risk.

Ach, I dunno. Maybe I've just had too many stalkers in the past... makes one paranoid about peoples' intentions!

Smiling4Now said...

Personally I would meet him for a chat at least!!! Who knows u could b made for him :D or vice versa :D

But what do I know :D

Ky said...
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Antony said...

Ha ha, you should thank yourself lucky of the interest lol.

I myself personally don't know how I'd respond to a reader from my blog.

:P Luckily I don't have that problem.



Hedgie said...

Hmmmm - my thoughts are that you should proceed with all appropriate caution, especially as you like his Gaydar proflie. However, you won't even be able to let him know so much as your job, or he'll be wise to you immediately!!

As for another Encounters post, yes please!

Anonymous said...

It's quite amusing, really, although I must say I don't really like the idea of Gaydar, it seems slightly artificial.

Superchilled said...

I think it's crazy these days to say all the people on the net are high risk, most of the world is on the net now, so risk is everywhere as it always has been. The challenge will only be that he will know more about you than you do about him, but imagine how hard it is for public figures to date? You have it easy.

And as for the postings, encounters or dear GB... can't you multitask and do both?

Anonymous said...

Nothing can be hide this days...I have a friend who work for the police and can track anything from anywhere just with a simple research of ip adress so better be careful..

Cx3 said...

You have hidden for a long time GB - stick to your illusive guns. ;-)


Jay said...

I'd say be careful, but bite the bullet. How bad can it be? I guess we'll find out :)


close encounters said...

GB, i thought we agreed that your Encounters posts were good wholesome fun - nothing sordid about them !

btw, i suspect that you are letting your dick dominate your brain when considering meeting up for fun with your reader ... surely he could stop using his gaydar profile, so that when you contact him, he would know that it was GB ?! or something more sophisticated using IP address etc.

GB said...

As I said Kenski, he's hot and intelligent too judging from his profession. However I'm above the age range that he stipulates on his profile, so I'm not sure there'd be a match anyway.

That was my inclination too Smiling4Now, although only if I end up splitting up with boyfriend P.

You're right Ky, it would set a new precedent and I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or not!

I've had lots of interest in the past Antony, however this clever guy is the first one to suggest something that might work from my point of view!

I've already thought about what to say about my job Hedgie, in case I do go ahead with it.

But gaydar is very popular in the UK, first anonymous commenter, whoever you are.

Good point Superchilled, dating people when you're in the public eye must be hell. But I like to try and do good postings, so I only have sufficient bandwidth to concentrate on drafting one post at once.

Interesting point second anonymous commenter, whoever you are, but I never doubted that police would be able to do that.

I've met quite a few bloggers now CIMW, so I'm not completely elusive! Also, I sent you an email recently, did you get it?

Actually Jay, if I do meet the guy you might not find out. If the meeting goes badly for whatever reason and I've successfully hidden the fact that I'm a blogger, then I won't ever blog about it because that posting would 'out' me to the guy!

Quite true Close Encounters, we did agree that there's nothing sordid about the encounter postings themselves. I just used that word to try and make all you readers feel guilty about prying into my sex life! Anyway, I did another encounter posting for old time's sake :-).

GB xxx