Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Offline meetings with people who know about this blog

It's very flattering that people want to meet me, based purely on what they've read in my blog :-). Yesterday I got two such requests. One was from a guy who I'd corresponded with briefly in the past, and another was from a guy who I'd never heard from before, and who sent me the following email:

Hi GB,

good day. how are you?

I'm 29, currently in London right now. I'm an Asian - Malaysian. I just went thru some of ur posts. It makes me have a tingling sensation, haha..

i should say ur blog is a good find, =)

anyway, i would like to meet you if possible mate. i'll be attaching my pictures here just in case. please do not use them anywhere, oks? also, could i possibly see u also, thanks!!

He did indeed attach some pics and he's certainly a lovely, good looking Malaysian guy :-).

The email that I got from the guy who I'd corresponded with before was a bit more direct:

I wanted to say thanks for your referral to Villagedrinks, it has been good fun and a nice networking opportunity. I am still looking for a nice fella to help me blow my load though. I read some of your encounters online and was wondering if you fancied blowing your load all over my face or maybe in my mouth if you feel like it, I for my part would love to shoot my load in front of you....

It's been about 18 months since I posted my policy about offline meetings with people who know about this blog. Given that I've had two such requests in a single day, I think it's time to mention it again. For all the reasons that I describe in that post, it's something that I just don’t do. The only exception I make is for established bloggers, when I've built up some kind of rapport with them over a period of time, as a result of comments on each others blogs, emails, and sometimes MSN conversations.

So, to anyone who's sent me a meeting request, thank you very much from the opportunity :-). However, after you've read my old post on this subject, I hope you'll understand my reasons for declining!


Ken Skinner said...

Haha! I have the exact opposite problem :-) I'd love to meet people (musicians, not shags!) through my blog, but it tends to put them off. Oh well!

Ken Skinner said...

[shameless plug incoming]

...and if there are any London based, drummers, bass players, guitarists, singers, triangle clangers out there...

And no, you don't need to be a proficient skin-flute player :-)

The Honourable Husband said...

I haven't anything to say. Just upping my comment quota to earn the right to a quick coffee when I'm next in London, GB.

Monty said...

I feel so privileged to be one of the few who've met you! :-)

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

oh well I suppose it's good to see you have at least a few precautions in place for meeting up with guys from the Net. I feel with recent going-ons in my life... I need me a policy too.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, Malaysian guys.... truly Asia! And they sure don't all look the same ;-) ;-)

Charlie said...

I'm wary of meeting other bloggers now; as they seem totally different people in real life.

One guy dated me as though I was a dog on a lead and was expected to jump whenever he went "here boi".

I reckon you should auction off your dinner dates for charity GB. SportsAid or some gay thing wouldn't say no to the donation :)

Sir Wobin said...

While GB isn't shy of selling his services Charlie, selling access from this blog would destroy his anonymity.

It made me giggle when people suggested you order in when commenting on your recent post GB. I thought you might be just as inclined to be ordered out! :-D

Now I know how that feels.

Diran said...

Ahaha....that guy was funny. the second one..blow your load blah blah blah....hey I am a Malaysian knew one was interested in you...

So wt was the end of the story?..did you meet any of them in person?...hey link me...and comment on my blog so i know i commented here before...if not i might not remmeebr this blog, EVER!...its just a memory lost thing...

Mr.Venus said...

There are plenty of Malaysians all over the world, I happen to be in Australia. I'm not all that surprised that you've received an email from one.

To Anonymous,
They don't all look the same because its made up of three major races -Malay,Chinese and Indians. Granted we no longer look like the our ancestral country's natives.which would give us that "different" look.

PS, I thought that second random email was a barrel of laughs.

GB said...

LOL Kenski, but good luck in finding the guys you need.

LOL headbang8, do you visit London very often?

And I feel privileged to have met you too Monty! And when our paths cross again, either in London or down-under, hopefully I'll be able to meet McBrad :-).

Although I think I've got a reasonable policy relating to meeting people who find me through this blog SSD, when it comes to the gay cruising web-sites I think my policy is much less sound. That's when the trouser department takes control LOL!

I like to think that my blog accurately reflects my personality Charlie, although I guess for an accurate view on that one should ask the bloggers who've actually met me! The charity dinner date idea is interesting, however that's almost certainly a ticket to meeting the wrong kind of person as a result of my blog. Either that, or I'd never live down the reality that no one's prepared to donate anything to charity to meet me over dinner!

Good point LWW, I do value my anonymity. I also like the idea of being ordered out, as I think do you!

The end of the story, Diran, is that I sent them both explanatory emails with a link to this post, and I haven't heard anything from them since. Anyway, feel free to link to me if you want to find this blog again :-).

I've met quite a few Malaysians in my time, Mr Venus, hehe :-). GB's also had emails from Malaysian guys previously as well.

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

Mr Venus, Malaysian Malays don't all look the same, Malaysian Chinese don't all look the same and Malaysian Indians don't all look the same. Do you think other Asians look the same then?

I do find it difficult to tell apart a Malaysian Malay from an Indonesian, a Malaysian Chinese from a Southern Mainland Chinese and a Malaysian Indian from South Indians. Does that make me ignorant and not not racist?