Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The guy who spoke quietly

It's around 9:30pm in the evening, the day after ex-boyfriend S moved into his new home. Having finished my evening meal, I'm half watching TV, and half chatting to this guy on gaydar:

Guy: so what's ur mobile number
GB: xxxxxxxxxxxx, u?
Guy: ur name
GB: GB, u?

Suddenly my phone rings with a number that it doesn't recognise.

"Hi is that GB?" says the voice quietly at the other end, as though someone might be listening in, and the intention is to make it harder for any eavesdropper to hear.

"Yes mate!"

"OK good, can you visit tonight?"

"Sure, would be good :-)."

"And you're discreet right?"

"Of course, very discreet :-))."

"And no chit-chat! When you come in I'll be on my bed smoking, just wearing my briefs. Don't say anything, just strip down to your briefs and then we’ll get started, OK?"


"OK, let's chat a bit more online first," he says, still talking quietly, and with that he hangs up.

The suggestion to carry on chatting online seems slightly unusual because I thought that everything had been agreed, however I'm curious to meet the guy so I decide to go along. We run though what's on the agenda again, although this time we find ourselves using much more explicit language! But soon, we're working out the final details:

Guy: how long will it take u to get here
GB: 30 mins, hopefully sooner
Guy: OK, send me a text when ur outside the tube near me. It's hard to find my flat, but I'll give you instructions once you're there
GB: can't you give me the address now mate, I much prefer to know where I'm going

I tell him that I've had wasted journeys in the past, and after some thought he gives me his address.

Guy: I've told you because I'm trusting you OK
GB: thanks
Guy: but still text me when you're close, it's very hard to find
GB: OK cool, c u soon mate, bye for now :-)

Out on the street, it doesn't take long to find a cab. About fifteen minutes later I'm looking for the address that the guy's given me, but to no avail. I'm looking for number 236, but the numbers seem to run 232, 234, 238, 240! Where 236 should be there's a big hardware store that occupies the entire ground floor of 234 and what should be 236. I can't ask inside because it's all locked up for the night, so I send the guy a txt msg. Almost immediately he calls me back.

"So where are you?" he asks, still speaking quietly.

"I'm outside number 234 mate, there isn't a 236!"

"OK don't worry. Can you see the pizza shop a couple of doors down the road?"


"You're going to walk down the alley by the side of it."

While he's talking I start walking to the pizza shop to get a look at this alley.

"At the end of the alley," he continues, "turn right and you'll see a metal staircase. Go up the staircase and you'll see me, I'll guide you round to the entrance door which will be open. Once inside, go up the stairs to the top floor flat. You'll find the door open there too, so come in and lock the door behind you, and you'll find me on the bed in my briefs OK? Remember, no chit-chat! Have you got all that?"

Peering down the alley, it looks very dark.

"Um yes, I think so," and I start to repeat the instructions back to the guy as I begin walking down the alley. Although the alley is very dark, it's very wide too, so there's nowhere that anyone could be hiding to mug me.

As though by magic, every few steps I take triggers a new powerful light to turn itself on and illuminate the next few steps. I feel a bit like Indiana Jones in an adventure movie, where blind faith is required to follow ancient instructions which all end up making sense, even though it would have been impossible to foresee in advance!

Reaching the end of the alley, several lights all turn on at once, lighting up the path to a metal staircase, exactly like the guy said.

"OK, I see the metal staircase now," I say to the guy who's still on the phone, "see you soon!"

Putting my phone away, I go up the staircase, and at the top I spot a guy way above me on a small balcony indicating where I need to walk on the first floor terrace to find the entrance door. Around a corner there's an open door, exactly like the guy promised, and on the front of the door is marked 236! How cunning, when they put the hardware shop downstairs they must have re-designed the layout so that one gains entrance to the flats above the shop from the back alley. But all very confusing for visitors like myself! The open door looks like a door that should normally be closed, so even though I find it open I assume that the guy deliberately left it open for me and I close it behind me before going up the stairs.

Letting myself into the top floor flat, I lock the door behind me and walk into the main room to find the guy on his bed, almost naked. I smile at him and he smiles back, but then he looks back at the television which is directly in front of him with a blank expression on his face. Somehow I'd expected some pornography on the TV, but rather bizarrely it seems to be a chat show of some sort with the volume set very low so that it sounds as though it's a long way away.

Leaving my coat on a chair, I start stripping. Without saying anything, I glance over to the guy who's now half watching me strip, and half watching the TV. What cheek, surely watching me strip is 100% more interesting than what's on television! Looking down at the guy's crotch I see his equipment peeking out the side. It twitches, hardening a bit. I look the guy in the eye and then back down to his crotch again, and again it twitches, hardening even more. The guy smiles at me again, and I smile back at him knowingly, but still we don't speak. Putting my trousers on the chair, I join him on the bed and he takes a long heavy breath as I caress the contents of his briefs from the outside. We have a great time together, although slightly rougher than what I'm used to!

"Phew, that was GOOD man :-)," he says to me shortly afterwards.

We chat a bit, and his personality now seems completely different. Whereas before he was quite cold and business-like, now that he's unloaded he's turned into quite a sweet guy :-). Even so, in terms of friendship and especially boyfriendship, he's not my type so gradually I put my clothes back on and soon I'm saying goodbye.

"Thanks mate, it was good!" I say, heading towards the door, "See you around, online, whatever!!"

Back on the street, I find a cab easily and soon I'm on my way home. But on the way back, I start worrying about myself. I didn't really give it a second thought wandering down that dark alley late at night. If some guys on gaydar had malicious intentions, I might be easy prey. Unfortunately, I guess it's a common problem. When guys are feeling horny, most of us let our trouser department do the thinking!


Sting said...

That was kinda scary. I'm glad u realized how dangerous the situation could have been. I can just imagine walking down the dark alley. I'd be running in the opposite direction.

Matty said...

the chat show on the TV is bizzare! No glass of water this time GB??

Will said...

Interesting. Aspects of a pilgrimage followed by a ritual, all directed by this guy.

Every now and again, I wind up with a trick who needs a certain program followed, sort of like a board game where you have to make the proper moves in the required sequence to reach the goal. I usually don't mind because I like variety in my men and in the sex I have with them. Nice it worked out so well for you on this occasion.

Sir Wobin said...

This is the first post that you've spoken of S as an ex-boyfriend. *hug*

I hope you're ok and that you soon have a sexy man to take to bed every night.

Anonymous said...

gb you sound so nice; why do you have to walk down dark alleys at night ! use your brain not your downstairs department to think

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm. Not a very smart move. You're lucky all went ok. When very horny and not inclined to chat or seduce it's easier and safer to dial-a-f*ck. In that respect also, London's a phallic feast.

Discotheque GQ said...

You must have metal balls.

GayFireFighter said...

GB I find myself laughing heartily at your and some of your readers attitudes to danger. Getting it on in the gym sauna I thought you'd be a bit of an adrenalin junkie! I'd be dining out on that little frisson of fear coupled with 'slightly rougher than what I'm used to' I'd be dining out for a good while ;-)

GB said...

You're right Sting, I guess it was dangerous. I don't know, the things I do just to keep all you readers amused LOL!

Actually Matty, I did have a glass of water while I was putting my clothes back on, but I thought that mentioning it would just be dull!

Very interesting Will, I hadn't thought about the 'religious' aspects you mentioned. But like you, it's the variety that I'm looking for.

Well spotted Sir Wobin, and thanks for your kind thoughts :-).

Thanks for your kind words Anonymous, whoever you are. But I guess I need "a bit of rough" sometimes, just for variety.

Interesting perspective on prostitution Anonymous, whoever you are. Maybe I should try it sometime.

Maybe Discotheque GQ, although I recall that a few years ago, there was a message on gaydar telling everyone to be careful when meeting strangers. These days they don't bother.

Except for people like you GF, very few of us face any real danger in our daily lives. So I'm wondering whether you apply the same principles to danger in your private life that you do in your professional life?

GB xxx

Gold Man's Sac said...

Was he too rough an active bottom, or were you too rough a passive top? Either way hope you haven't been laid off now that you are also responsible for ex-boyfriend S's mortgage.

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Seriously mate -you have a very blasé attitude about that encounter. Be careful.. horny or not.. there are an awful lot of psychos out there.

Protection doesn't only come in the form of rubber

Kenski said...

Back when I was a kid and I used to sneak peaks at my brother's contact mags I used to get really confused as to what they meant by 'TVs welcome'.

I think you've just answered my question!

Bobby Cox said...

I have a question please... did this all happen like now, recently?

GB said...

Gold Man's Sac eh, LOL? Even for a guy who can think up an amusing name like that I'm not going to answer questions about bedroom details! Anyway readers will hopefully be pleased to hear that in spite of global financial turmoil, for now at least, GB is still in full time employment for the bank he works for :-).

The blasé attitude was just the way the story flowed through my fingers, keyboard, laptop, and finally into the blogosphere SSD. But thanks for your concern and cautionary words, it's much appreciated :-).

LOL Kenski. Actually your comment made me remember an old encounter where the TV came in useful. In that case, a reader emailed me to say that he forwarded my story to Declan Curry who replied "Well, we always assume our viewers are doing other things while also watching us - first thing in the morning is a busy time."

Relatively recently Bobby, why do you ask?

GB xxx

badabing said...

The ritualistic aspects are interesting - I associate them with bi or closeted men; they seem to like to maintain close control of an encounter, presumably so that it doesn't conflict with the mental model they hold of their sexuality. The commonest request from this sub-section of the Wonderful World of Gay is of course, 'no talking, no kissing'.

I like the 'are you discreet' question. 'Very. Although you will be making an anonymous appearence in my blog'.

Do please take some precautions GB, if only sending an email to yourself with the contact details or texting them to a trusted friend. A rape alarm is a handy accessory.

'Ordering in' - easy, usually trouble free, you get just the type you want, you can try new things and the better ones make good use of all that practice they've had. Given that you travel everywhere by taxi, it would probably not cost much more, particularly if you factor in the cost of your travel time. Like take-away it can be addictive and you probably shouldn't do it too often.

GB said...

ROFL Babading, I couldn't stop laughing when I read "... Although you will be making an anonymous appearance in my blog". Thanks for your thoughts too, perhaps I should consider 'ordering in' more seriously!

GB xxx

Bobby Cox said...

Howdi! I ask because it's like - I dunno.. sometimes it's more fun to look out of your bedroom window at certain hours and wonder what people are up to. If it happened like four years ago, I'd be like 'oh...' but since it was recently I can think "hmm... I wonder if people are getting up to that right now!"
About six weeks ago I went to Fire on a Monday morning and ever since then, every Monday morning, I have woken up and though "mygod, there are people right now who're off their faces on the dancefloor. I am SO jealous."
but the more time wears on the less you think about it.
I hope this makes sense! x