Sunday, September 14, 2008

Result of poll: "Am I making it all up?"

Thanks to everyone who voted in my recent poll "Am I making it all up". The final results are as follows:

Question: Are the stories that GB writes about his life true or untrue?

12% Gospel truth [27 votes: all GB's stories are true in every detail and I can't believe anyone would think otherwise!]
59% Mostly true [134 votes: GB's stories are basically true, however minor details may have been changed to protect everyone's anonymity.]
15% True and untrue [35 votes: GB mixes and matches, so some stories are mostly true and some stores are mostly untrue.]
6% Mostly untrue [14 votes: GB uses his vivid imagination to construct all the stories out of minor incidents in his life!]
8% Complete fiction [19 votes: GB probably isn't a banker and not gay either!!]

My first thought on seeing this is that I'm a bit concerned about the 12% of readers who have such faith in me that they reckon that everything is completely true. I don't want to lose them as readers, however in the past I've said that I do alter minor details to protect people's anonymity (including my own). I guess those wonderful readers are just expressing their confidence in me, for which I'm extremely grateful :-).

Of course, there were 59% of you who got the right answer, so well done! But regarding the other 29% of readers who have less faith in me, and especially the 14% who voted in the two lowest categories, shame on you. I'm not sure what you lot find so unbelievable, however the truth is that not everyone has such drab and uninteresting lives as yourselves!

On this occasion, I feel duty bound to confess that once (and only once) I posted a story about my life which wasn't completely true. The posting about meeting former blogger cuteCTguy in the gym was mostly true, but he persuaded me to alter my original draft to mention his colleague GN3, to say that I was cruising GN3 while he was in the showers. The truth is that we had attended the Body Attack class together, and afterwards I might have been admiring one of cuteCTguy's colleagues while we were all naked together in the sauna. However it wasn't cuteCTguy's colleague GN3 who I never even saw, let alone cruised or met.

So please accept my apologies. I promise that in future, I'll stick to my policy!


The Honourable Husband said...

You needn"t stick too closely to your policy, GB. License is allowed for effect. Just make it good.

Charlie said...

We weren't expecting this to be your autobiography GB; blogging is a form an art for one to draft their thoughts and ideas as well as life's experiences. We all need a bit of fabrication in our lives on occasion to keep us going!

Discotheque GQ said...

Considering some of us blog anonymously, I would hope people understand the need for minor alterations as long as we don't do it ala James Frey, right?

Ken Skinner said...

I think you made up the poll... :-)

Only kidding!

Anonymous said...

I love that you mention Bodyattack and link to it (given I used to help create it back home in NZ)!

I wonder who's class you've attended... coz you should come to mine...

GB said...

Thanks for your understanding and support headbang8, English, Discotheque GQ :-). And for your funny joke kenski!

Just for the record anonymous, whoever you are, I've been doing Body Attack since 43 which I think was the first release here to the UK :-). But unless you tell me who you are and where you've taught, it'll be quite hard for us to work out whether I've ever been a participant in one of your classes! Anyway, if you only teach at gyms that I don't have a memberships for, is that an invite ... ?

GB xxx

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

I don't see why this was even an issue. It's your blog and most people amend posts to cover identities and stuff

If I has voted I would have voted mostly honest