Saturday, September 06, 2008

Looking for a bit more diversity

Within a couple of weeks, all the building work on boyfriend S's house should be complete, so he'll be moving into his new home. However a few weeks ago, a week or two after I met M, boyfriend S left me alone for the night when he went to visit his parents.

As I said in the post about my hook-up with M, although I love boyfriend P, he lives in another country. Boyfriend P also has other men in his life too, so it's very unclear where that relationship is headed. With all these facts in my mind, the evening when boyfriend S was out of the way felt like an ideal time to continue my search for alternative boyfriends :-).

On my way home from the gym that night, I pop into the supermarket to get some supper. Back home it's an easy meal to prepare, and soon I'm sitting down to eat it with my laptop in front of me and the TV on in the background. Logging in to my usual gay cruising web sites, it's not long before a guy who turns out to be called L contacts me:

L: hi, busy
GB: not really, just finishing my supper :-)
L: nice profile :-)

Looking at L's profile, he's a cool-looking South-East Asian guy, so I decide to adopt a friendly/chatty style. I've found that South-East Asian guys can be a bit more relationship-oriented than my fellow countrymen, and the "stats? wot u into?" style always goes down badly with relationship-oriented guys.

We chat for maybe ten minutes, and things seem to be going well:

GB: so what's a nice guy like you doing in a sleazy chat room like this LOL
L: probably same as you hehe
GB: actually, I think you are a nice guy :-), but I'd need to meet you face to face to be certain?
L: would be nice to meet you too ...

We dance around the subject of where and when we could meet for about five more minutes, but eventually we decide that it would be nice to meet up that evening:

L: ok lets meet tonight if you still can
GB: great :-), can you accom?
L: difficult to meet here, what about yours

Throughout the conversation I've had no idea whether L would be able to accommodate gentlemen callers or not, but now that he's said that he probably can't I've got a big decision to make. Shall I invite L round to the home that I've shared with boyfriend S for many years, even though boyfriend S hasn't yet moved out? I think about it for a short while, but since I'm in a cruisey mood, there was only ever going to be one answer!

GB: I can't usually accom, but I can tonite :-)
L: kewl
GB: lets meet at the tube nearby, how long will it take you to get there?

Within a few minutes it's all been agreed. L will meet me just outside the tube station in about forty minutes :-).

But what to do while I'm waiting to meet L? There are few obvious things to do, so I put my supper dishes in the dishwasher before visiting the bathroom. Having recently had a shower at the gym I don't need to do that again, but I brush my teeth and make sure that I look presentable. Next, I check round all the rooms that I might conceivably take L into, to tidy up and to make sure that there's nothing inappropriate lying around. Finally, I log back on to my laptop and manage to get a bit of work done on my next 'Dear GB' posting before it's time to leave to meet L.

Arriving a few minutes early, I find a space to stand outside the tube station. Luckily there are several other people hanging around too, presumably also waiting to meet friends, so I don't feel too conspicuous. Before long there's a stream of people exiting the station, and although I don't spot him immediately, I soon notice that there's a cute Asian guy heading in my direction.

"Hi," I say smiling at him, "you're punctual :-)."

"Nice to meet you," says L smiling back at me, "been waiting long?"

"No! Not really :-). Shall we go?"

On the way back to the house the conversation is pleasant enough.

"Are you working tomorrow?" I ask out of curiosity, after chatting to him for a couple of minutes.

"Actually I'm off work at the moment," replies L, "I'll probably start looking for another job towards the end of the month :-)."

That seems like quite a cool response. No job, and not worried about it either!

"Right, almost there," I say, pulling the door key from my pocket, "just along here ..."

I don't talk to L as I'm unlocking the door, and luckily he doesn't talk to me either. The neighbours are quite nosey, and they all know boyfriend S of course, so the less attention that I draw to the fact that I'm with a nice guy late at night who isn't boyfriend S the better!

"Have you got the whole house to yourself?" asks L once we're inside, taking off his shoes.

"Errr yes :-). Can I get you a drink of something? Tea, orange juice, water ... ?"

"A glass of juice would be nice, thanks".

I fetch a glass of orange juice for L, and with a glass of water for myself we head into the room were I ate my supper. We sit down next to each other on the sofa, and in the background the TV is still on so it doesn't feel awkward.

"Thanks for coming round L :-)," I say, putting my glass of water on the coffee table, and reaching out to hold his hand. His hand slips easily into mine, and I turn to smile at him and look him deeply in the eyes. He smiles back at me. Neither of us are listening to the television.

Moving a bit closer to him I kiss him tenderly on the lips, before taking my hand out of his and slipping it around his back to hold him on his shoulder that's furthest away from me. He nestles into my embrace before kissing me again, lifting his hand to rub my chest gently through my shirt. Slowly I start to unbutton the sleeveless shirt that he's wearing with my free hand, and when all the buttons are undone I start to rub his nipples gently. He murmurs appreciatively. Soon we're both lying together on the sofa wearing only our underwear, getting to know each other better :-).

"Perhaps we'd be more comfortable upstairs in the bedroom," I suggest after a few more minutes, realising that the sofa wasn't designed for the kind of activities that both of us have in mind!

"Errr, OK sure :-)."

As we gather our clothes together, I have an idea. I probably shouldn't, but given that it's already quite late I decide to suggest it anyway.

"Actually, you can sleep over if you like :-)," I offer, "and then you won't need to worry about catching the last tube home! No problem if you want to get back ... ?"

He looks at me to try and gauge whether I'm just being polite, or whether I'd really like him to stay. It's a genuine offer of course, because I always sleep better when I've got a nice guy sharing my bed with me :-).

"Yeah OK, I'm a single guy after all, that would be nice :-)."

"Great, let's make sure that everything's switched off on our way upstairs, so that we won't need to come downstairs again!"

It takes us several minutes to make the transition from downstairs sofa to upstairs bed, but after a short while we're lying in each others arms again, but now both feeling much more comfortable. Slowly we start kissing and exploring each other's bodies with our hands. Some Asian guys aren't quite as big as Caucasians downstairs, which can have the advantage of making things more manageable depending on what one ends up doing :-), however I soon discover that L is more than ample! Before too long we're both completely naked and enjoying the pleasure of each other's company. Without the need for L to get home, there's no rush, and we have a lovely time together :-). Afterwards we lie there for a short while, but then I have a question for him.

"Do you like cuddling?"

"Yes of course :-)".

"Great :-). Well I just want to use the bathroom before we put the lights out, perhaps you'll want to do the same, then we can settle down together :-))"

I use the bathroom first, and ten minutes later we're ready to put the lights out.

"Sleep well," I say, and with that I turn the light off and move closer to him to hold him in my arms. He nestles into my embrace, and after a few quiet comments to each other, we fall asleep in each other's arms.

I wake around 4am and I'm back on my own side of the bed. Remembering that it's L next to me rather than boyfriend S, I move over a bit closer to him, not to embrace him but just to feel his naked body lying next to mine. It's become slightly cold in the room, but his body is lovely and warm :-). He shuffles slightly, not away from me (a bit closer if anything), and I settle back with the idea of getting another few hours sleep.

But suddenly I feel a hand rubbing me gently downstairs. I start giggling, realising that my body is producing the usual response! "You're not asleep are you!" I say sleepily.

"It's not every night that I'm lying in bed next to a hot guy!" he replies with a cheeky tone in his voice, and without a trace of sleepiness in his voice either.

I can't resist reaching down to see how excited he is, and as suspected, he's ready for action! Although I enjoy sleeping when I'm feeling tired, I enjoy activities even more, so it seems foolish not to take advantage of the situation. In any case, what did I expect to happen, lying in bed for several hours with another naked guy!

After another enjoyable session, we both relax and settle down again to try and get some sleep before it's time to get up. But all too quickly light is streaming through the shutters, and looking at the clock it's gone 7am. I need to get into the bank, so reluctantly I rouse L and we both get up.

"Can I fix you some breakfast?" I ask, as I wander to the cupboard to get my dressing gown.

"Actually I don't usually have very much breakfast, but a cup of tea would be great :-)".

Downstairs, I make my usual breakfast for myself, and L soon joins me for his cup of tea. We chat a bit more about our lives, and what we'll both be doing that day, but it's soon time for me to go and get ready for work.

"Do you want to have a shower or anything before you go?"

"I'll be fine thanks," replies L, "I'd better go and let you get ready."

"OK sure, hope to see you again sometime :-)."

We kiss each other goodbye before opening the outside door, and with a wave he's gone.

Later that day I send him a txt msg to say that I enjoyed meeting him, and within a few hours he's replied to suggest that we should meet again soon. With boyfriend S still living in the house with me, it hasn't happened yet. Perhaps once boyfriend S has moved out I'll be able to get together with L again. I certainly hope so. Our first meeting was great fun!


Anonymous said...

"Great, let's make sure that everything's switched off on our way upstairs, so that we won't need to come downstairs again!"

Gordon should tax you less.

GB said...

Just trying to do my bit to save the planet :-). GB xxx

Sir Wobin said...

Sounds like a really fun evening GB. Where you quite tired the next day? ;-)

Sounds like you've passed a milestone having someone join you for a whole night at your own home.


GB said...

Yes indeed, Sir Wobin, I'm so weak! If there's a nice guy in front of me, and the possibility of cuddling up to him for an entire night, I just can't resist if he's on for it too!

GB xxx

Superchilled said...

I can see a new trend developing here. And I think you're looking forward to it somewhat GB.
I think we all are too.

What will the neighbours think?

Anonymous said...

This is a great post GB! I hope i bump into you on gaydar one of these days :)

close encounters said...

it sounds like you had a lovely time with "L" ... but i wonder how S would feel if he found out that you'd had somebody over ? maybe it's not something he has the right to get upset about ? apart from anything else, it just seems a bit tacky !

anyway, how come we haven't heard about M recently ?

Anonymous said...

I sense the beginning of something beautiful.......


Discotheque GQ said...

Looks like not all Southeastern Asians are relationship-based after all ;) Thank you for this story...definitely brings back some memories when I actually met decent people online offline!

Anonymous said...

"Some Asian guys aren't quite as big as Caucasians downstairs, which can have the advantage of making things more manageable depending on what one ends up doing :-)" - GB

Please do enlighten us of the 'advantage'. We are so curious to know what do you mean by that.


Anonymous said...

Fiction or not, reading your blog is better than watching Desperate Housewives.

Funny enough I found your blog googling gay clubs in London on my holidays.

All the best. Keep up with writing :-)

Anonymous said...

well this is so romantic - what will happend next ? Will the neigbours find out and tell boyfriend S ? will GB forget next time to switch out the lights and the bill for electr. will go thru the roof ? Questions, Questions and no reponse yet.

Anonymous said...

be very very very careful and tie up all the loose ends if you're going to keep this thing going.

GB said...

Maybe Superchilled, maybe! Anyway, once boyfriend S moves out, it won't really matter what the neighbours think :-).

For all we know Anonymous, whoever you are, we might have already turned each other down on gaydar! I guess we'll just never know LOL.

Thanks for being my conscience Close Encounters. And you're right, perhaps I should do another post about M :-).

Just between you and me, harry_d, I'm keener on M than this guy L. But don't get me wrong, L is a lovely guy too!

Thanks for the comment Discotheque GQ, although sorry to hear that you don't think you meet decent people online any more.

I think you need to use your imagination a bit Vamfize!

Thanks for your support Guy from scorched land :-).

I guess you'll just have to wait and find out Anonymous, whoever you are, the same as me!

I'm not sure exactly what you mean grey, what "loose ends" are you thinking of?

GB xxx

Tainted Visionary said...

At last it seems I've come across a blog worth some of my time.

I enjoyed this entry in particular; not that my being south asian has anything to do with it.

Having said this, do you ever meet any of the people who send you comments?

I really need to start writing on my blog again, however, judging by your own, I fear you may be slightly repulsed by mine...;)