Thursday, August 21, 2008


Last night, fellow banker and gay blogger Sir Wobin brought to my attention an interesting article in this week's New Scientist. Then when I checked my inbox this morning, there was an email from a reader in Sydney containing a link to the same article. Although the monogamy subject is perhaps a bit tired and worn out here, none the less the article is quite interesting:
Polygamy is the key to a long life
The reader in Sydney also sent me a link to a slightly older article:
Love unlimited: The polyamorists
Although the articles are written from a straight perspective, I'm sure the same concepts applies in the gay world.

Last night I emailed Sir Wobin, joking with him that it was a pity the first article gave no clue as to the optimal number of boyfriends. However the unexpected reply that I received almost immediately from him really made me laugh:
Less than 86 according to this Nigerian bloke. Does he look tired in the top photo? :-)
Well exactly!


Anonymous said...

This is becoming more exciting GB, your writing more often now. ;-)

LOL funny post. I know your rather obsessed with this issue. I don't believe you will ever find peace with it.


GB said...

I only post when I've got something to say, Jay, although I aim to find something to say twice a week. It's just turned out that this week there's been more to say!

GB xxx

MadeInScotland said...


for me, you and polyamory shall always be inextricably linked.

Apologies for not blogging the mysterious man. It will cum. I was suddenly, unexpectedly detained.


Anonymous said...

i read your blog an i think what a crap..its always the same stuff..are you for real? do you have a life, you give advice to my bf who was so crap and we still together after 3 years idiot...

GB said...

No problem czechOUT, I look forward to reading it when you get round to it :-).

I think you need to talk to the guy you call your bf, Anonymous.

GB xxx

Sir Wobin said...

Apparently polygamy is more normal for our species (and related ones) than the recent fashion of monogamy, as shown by this study of our genes. In Gorilla society, the alpha male will kick out any other male company so that he has the females to himself. The lads that get kicked out of a band form male only bands who continue to have sex with each other in the absence of female company.

Not too far from your recent speculation about Singapore's history. :-)