Monday, August 25, 2008

Such naughtiness!

Last week, the evening before I posted my thoughts about how gay guys recognise each other, I went to the gym after work. After my workout, I head for the showers as usual. The showers consist of two rows of cubicles facing each other, with a big space in between where guys can dry themselves. Each cubicle has a shower curtain, so the shy guys will make sure that the shower curtain is fully in place, whereas less shy guys like me don't bother too much.

As I enter a free cubicle, I notice a cute Asian guy on the opposite side of the room, showering without having drawn his shower curtain. What's more, he notices that I've noticed him. In fact I spot that he's being quite cruisey, because while I'm trying to turn on the water in my cubicle, I see him move a bit outside of his cubicle to look around before moving back. It turns out that my shower cubicle isn't working properly, and as the only other unoccupied cubicle is next to the cute Asian guy, I walk naked across the shower room to use it.

These days, I find that I rarely make a mistake in terms of assessing a guy's cruisey behaviour, so it's already clear to me that this guy is gay. But now that I'm in the adjacent cubicle, I'm curious to know how far he'll go in a very public shower room. Of course, I do need a shower so I start washing my hair, but I stand with my back to the wall and the shower curtain only half drawn so that I can see out of the cubicle.

Sure enough the Asian guy leaves his cubicle slightly, ostensibly to soap himself without the water from the shower immediately washing away the soap, and while he's outside his cubicle he looks very directly into my cubicle. I actually feel a bit embarrassed, simply because it's such a public shower room. I look him in the face (but not the eyes) and out of curiosity I can't help but look downstairs to see whether he's at all excited or not. Possibly a bit excited, I decide, but not too obvious.

Two minutes later and he repeats the exercise, even though most of the other cubicles are occupied so that some guys might well see what he's doing. With the thoughts of mentioning the importance of eye contact in my impending blog post, this time I decide to show some interest him, after all he is a cute guy and in any case since I'm inside my cubicle no one can see what I'm doing! So I simply look him directly in the eyes, then look at this soapy crotch, and then look him back in the eyes again and smile. This time, he's definitely a bit more excited downstairs! He smiles at me, but then disappears back inside his cubicle.

However within a few seconds he's outside again, looking around, and I wasn't ready for what happens next. Suddenly, his hand reaches inside my cubicle and gives my pink oboe a few quick strokes! Shocked, I look outside my cubicle but no one seems to have seen, or if they did they don't care. But honestly, such brazen naughtiness in a public shower room, what on earth is the world coming to LOL!


Anonymous said...

you should right a novel, your fantasy are far beyond of what i expect from you, am sure you will be the gay danielle steel of the year, oh good lord, you are good:)

Humming Bird in Hyde said...

Ooo, your gym shower is def more cruisey than mine. xxx

Anonymous said...

Which gym do you go to?? =) I've just moved to London from Singapore and have been hunting for a nice gym to go to, yours certainly will be on top of my list!

Syafeeq said...

what happens afterwards :p ?

Anonymous said...

i think afterwards he woke

David said...

wow your hot stuff GB! The poor guy could resist. You should have had a little fun with him after that.

GB said...

Thanks for your compliments Michael :-). I'm not sure I could write a novel though. If I have a skill for describing some of the things that happen to me, I reckon inventing good stories is a different skill, because I promise you it all happened exactly like I described! But if I hadn't been thinking about last week's post and the importance of eye contact, it probably wouldn't have happened.

This was the gym near my home HBH, rather than the one near the bank where I work which has that sauna where activities can occur.

I didn't feel comfortable doing any else with the guy in the shower area, Syafeeq, so I caught his eye again and tried to suggest elsewhere. But unfortunately David, it wasn't possible. Actually, he might have been the kind of guy that feels uncomfortable doing gay things in a private 1-2-1 situation, so he satisfies some of his urges by feeling up other guys in the showers!

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

How rather brazen! I don't know how you seem to do it GB. You must have one awesome gaydar which everyone would want.


Anonymous said...

that was not a compliment gb a think you got a hell of an imagination

Anonymous said...

Your comment here reminds of this guy in my gym who likes to jack off in the shower. He is like a pseudo-exhibitionist as he is aware that people can see his silhouette through the cubicle's frosted glass door. I haven't seen him for a while now. I hope he hasn't been busted for his activities. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, my gym showers have no curtains at all - just dormitory style shower heads in a row. While this helps in observing a surfeit of pink oboes, it does put a cramp on anything further. Maybe we must ask them to install some curtains.

Anonymous said...

hm, gb no surprise that the capital markets are in turmoil, if you spend so much time under the shower and such a friendly take over happens......

Monty said...

Oh you GB, you're such a minx! ;-)

Ken Skinner said...

It's funny but I've belonged to both str8 and gay gyms and in my experience the str8 ones are way more cruisy and sexually charged. And yes, there does seem to be a lot more furtive behaviour going on.

If anything, the gay ones seem more focussed on actually working out. The people there are serious about being there to improve their physique.

Also, if someone's displaying themselves in a gay gym then they can't really get huffy if someone else looks, furtively or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

And people wonder why I never use my gym's showers. oboe, cute.

close encounters said...

GB, I've also encountered blokes who seem up for some fun, but not interested in getting together outside the gym ... very strange !

Kenski, interesting insight into gay gyms - i'm definitely sticking to straight ones !

GB said...

Developing a good gaydar is just practice, Jay.

Thanks for putting me straight on that, michael. So I've now done a poll to find out how many other readers there are like you who don't believe me!

I've seen that kind of behaviour in London too DL, but only very rarely.

I actually like that kind of layout for gym showers St. In that situation cruising is easier, but of course the result would need to be a take away!

LOL damien, very funny!

As I recall, Monty, you're quite a cool operator yourself!

I think that's a very well observed comment, Kenski. The naughtiness concept must have something to do with this. Cruising in a straight gym is intrinsically naughty and hence more fun, whereas in gay gyms it's conceptually less naughty and hence less fun!

I think you're missing out by not using gym showers, Oliver. What happened to me here was amusing and quite harmless!

I think that kind of behavioiur, Close Encounters, occurs when a guy hasn't fully accepted that he's gay yet. He's just starting to work out that he enjoys fooling around with other guys, but if he was to do that back home he'd have to admit to himself that he's gay!

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi GB. I've been increasingly aware of the slightly sexual atmosphere in my gym and have been looking for something to confirm my suspicions. I've always noticed a bit of cruisiness, but I was starting to pick up a slightly charged feeling. There are two male changing rooms in my gym, both with their own saunas and steam rooms, and I had gravitated towards the more out of the way, less easy to find one, perhaps like the other users.
I now understand why all those guys were sitting in the sauna, and weren't worried that it wasn't actually hot.
I never thought that walking into the steam room would actually result, while I was sitting there meekly, too scared to cruise anyone, in cessation of sauna fun for everyone else!
I feel much more confident now in the idea of participating but I have one question. I can't get over the possibility that a straight guy would walk in and catch me having fun. How do you deal with this particular problem? I can't imagine that someone could walk in and not notice? Any ideas on how to deal with this would be most appreciated.

Unknown said...

IAN: any way I could find out which gym you go to that has 2 male change rooms with sauna and steam? I know it's not proper for to list them by name on this site, but maybe you could give me a clue, postcode or street address? Would be interested in joining!

GB: thanks for your great wit and wisdom -- and to all your commentators for their insightful contributions.