Saturday, August 30, 2008

Am I making it all up?

Last week, I was shocked when I realised that a guy called Michael, who left a comment on my post last Monday, didn't believe that the story was true. So I'm left wondering to what extent readers believe the stories that I write about my life? To find out, I've decided to conduct a poll as follows:

Question: Are the stories that GB writes about his life true or untrue?

Possible answers:
Gospel truth: all GB's stories are true in every detail and I can't believe anyone would think otherwise!
Mostly true: GB's stories are basically true, however minor details may have been changed to protect everyone's anonymity.
True and untrue: GB mixes and matches, so some stories are mostly true and some stores are mostly untrue.
Mostly untrue: GB uses his vivid imagination to construct all the stories out of minor incidents in his life!
Complete fiction: GB probably isn't a banker and not gay either!!

The poll can be found at the top of my side-bar on the right-hand side. Please vote :-). I'm keen to understand the people who read my blog!


Stairs said...

You talk sane and keep people coming back; who could ask for more?

[but 'mostly true', otherwise ;) ]

Sir Wobin said...

You've already confessed to changing names to protect the innocent GB and that rules out option 1. I don't think there are any grounds to disbelieve you. It's all certainly plausible.

I reckon Michael is just jealous/inhibited.

Anonymous said...

Even if it might be only complete fiction - its a good read.

Anonymous said...

well this is me THE michael in question am glad i start a debate,
no am very far to be jealous, i am 32 and live near london bridge am a head chef in a famous restaurant and if you ask me i can send my pic, it's just your story are so perfect and so well presented i have a doubt, some peoples very naive ask you for advice, but who you are to give them advice, wish can be dangerous specialy people with weakness, so lets talk about you what is your age, do you have pic, my guess you are around 55 am right?? but i give you the credit, as a french man you write very well...michael champion

A-Philosophical said...

I love yur blog. As a matter of fact I added it to the links of my own blog for the spirit you put while creating this beautiful form of expression that blogging allows. Go ahead! No resting, no lazy!
Pau (Uruguayan-Spanish married to a American same-sex partner in Canada, and currently split living in Mediterranean Valencia)

Cheers 4 your blog!

Humming Bird in Hyde said...

For the record I've met GB. It's all real. xx

close encounters said...

For the record, I too have met GB, on a few occasions, and his stories are real [I've been the subject of a couple, so I should know], and he isn't 55, but even if he was, what difference would it make?

Monty said...

I too have met GB and have been the subject of a post - so I can confirm from a first-hand perspective that what was blogged does indeed fit Option 2. Obviously conversations may not be word for word and of course, names are changed, but otherwise, it's all true.

Anonymous said...

GB, I didn't know you were French! LOL

Your "stories" are certainly true albeit altered to protect identities and I for one left our dinner very impressed with you as you would spend time and effort to think about your replies to your "Dear GB" emails.

I don't think Michael is the first one to question and certainly not the last. I think you needn't worry too much as you can't please everyone (though I know you'd try).

Anonymous said...

Funny how the poster who claims to be michael does not write in the same style as the original michael GB was referring to. I've to say though that I've always suspected GB had some French in him.

I picture GB as in his late 40s, below average height, with a boyish face and a bit of muscle here and there. Average cock if readers want to know. Oh and a very slight bald patch at the top unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

I take you with a very large grain of "fluer du sel"

I don't know quite what to believe..

Anonymous said...

perhaps its better if we never know how gb looks like, and if his stories are true - in anyway its better then to think about subprime or why pricy appartments in SK fall in value. try to publish your articles in a book gb, we all will come for the book signing at waterstone. we ll love you

GB said...

Thanks for all the comments guys :-), and for the support from those of you that have met me :-)).

Where did this notion that I'm French come from? I reckon the anonymous commenter who signed himself Michael Champion meant to imply that he's French, not me! I don't have anything against French people though, indeed some of my best friends are French :-). I also like their wine!

Michael Champion does ask one interesting question though, namely who am I to give advice? Just a blogger who gets asked for advice is the answer! Before I started the 'Dear GB' category of posting, I occasionally used to get emails from people asking me for my help. Eventually I decided that it would be better to give the advice in public, here on my blog, so that other readers can leave comments with other advice or criticise me if they think my advice is wrong. But I certainly don't claim any talent for this, or a monopoly on wisdom or anything!

It's impressive how much the commenter with the name "not michael" can deduce about my appearance, just from reading my blog. No doubt some readers are curious to know whether I'm going to confirm or deny any aspects of his description. If so, they ought to know better!

GB xxx

Monty said...

Let me wade back into this argument as one who has met GB and say that I was suitably impressed with his physical presence. And he's VERY English - no French (apart from the wine we consumed). But I do agree with what he says...people ask him questions, he does his best to answer them. He doesn't claim to be a guru but I think all of his readers would agree that he does put a lot of thought into his responses. If the initiator of the question wants to follow the advice, well and good. If not, no worries. And I've got to say, GB has a LOT of experience under his belt and so I think he can speak from a position of insight. :-)