Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A surprise at the gym

It's true! I got spotted by cuteCTguy when I visited his gym as a guest recently. It's a good gym, and definitely has a high proportion of good looking guys. In fact I probably spotted cuteCTcuy first, building up a healthy sweat in a Body Attack class, but since I'd finished my workout I head to the showers.

I'm minding my own business as I towel myself dry, when suddenly I realise that cuteCTguy is smiling at me! Of course I understand that other guys like to admire my naked body and I don't mind at all (!) but cuteCTguy has other things on his mind. He tells me that he saw me cruising his colleague GN3, which is a bit unfair! Perhaps I was admiring the general scenery in the shower area :-). But I didn't know until cuteCTguy pointed him out that one particularly cute guy was GN3.

"Anyway, I think you're the expert when it comes to real-life cruising", I joke quietly with cuteCTguy, "I'm more comfortable online".

"Hmmm, not sure GB", replies cuteCTguy, "don't forget that I've read some of your old gym sauna postings!"

I must try and visit cuteCTguy's gym more often. Presumably he can't get too involved with his colleagues, and it would be a pity to see all that talent go to waste!


close encounters said...

had you guys met before ... or did he recognise you by your ....

Gay banker said...

Ummm, I'd quite like to know what word you were going to say next close encounters LOL!

GB xxx

cuteCTguy said...

Ahem Gentlemen.. no recognition of body parts.