Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The odd thing is that it hadn't happened before!

The Saturday after I met the Chinese American guy for a bit of fun after work, I get back from the gym late morning after an energetic workout. As usual, the sight of all the nice guys in the showers has had it's usual effect on me, so before long I'm logging into gaydar to see if there are any nice guys online.

After I've been in the chat rooms for about fifteen minutes or so, a slightly rough looking guy contacts me. We chat for a while. He's only about a thirty minute walk from me, so soon it's been agreed that I'll visit him. Of course, a thirty minute walk is only a ten minute cab ride so it doesn't take me long to arrive.

"Hi mate", he says looking me up and down, "you got here quickly".

"Yeah, I was lucky", I say, "I got a lift :-)".

He doesn't look like the kind of guy who takes many cabs so I don't admit that it was 'a lift' from a cab driver, for which I had to pay. Sometimes I reckon it's best to be economical with the truth, especially when one's trying to build rapport with a guy you don't know, with whom one is probably about to become quite intimate!

He smiles at me and I follow him upstairs. He lives on the 1st floor of a small terraced house. There's a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. All quite clean, although perhaps a bit untidy.

A mannequin"What's that in the corner?" I ask, pointing at a scruffy mannequin.

"Oh, I work in the fashion business, I sometimes need to use that when we're developing our ideas".

A gay guy who works in fashion, now there's a novelty! We chat a bit more while I walk around the room, gradually taking my clothes off.

"Do you work with many other gay guys", I ask.

"Well there are twelve of us in the office", he says. "10 women, and two guys. We're both gay of course!"

Soon I'm only wearing my undershorts, so I join him on his sofa.

"It's a nice place you've got here", I say, putting my hand on his knee and looking at him in the eye.

"Thanks", he replies with a slightly uneasy tone in his voice, "There's one thing I must tell you before we go any further though".

"Uh huh?" I say, trying to sound casual as I wonder what on earth could it be. Surely he's done this sort of thing before, so that can't be it. He also told me on gaydar that he was HIV negative, so any health issue seems unlikely. But before my mind can conjure up too many bizarre thoughts, he lets me into his little secret.

"I've got a P.A. !" he says.

All of a sudden I'm fascinated. I've seen a few guys in changing rooms with them before, read various stuff on the internet, and seen loads of picture of course, but the odd thing is that I've never had the chance to play with one! Until now :-).

"Can I have a look?" I say immediately. I don't want to sound uncool about the situation though.

Now it's his turn to strip. Soon we're sitting next to each other both wearing our undershorts, so I reach over to feel him. As I fondle his hardening equipment, the metal attached through the end is very obvious. Soon I've taken his undershorts down to get a better look.

"Isn't it ever inconvenient?" I ask out of genuine curiosity, lifting it up and down, weighing it in my hand, and moving it from side to side so as to get a good look from all angles.

A Prince Albert piercing, in need of an owner"Well it can be fun going through security at airports!" he laughs.

Soon I've lost my undershorts too, and we have a lovely time together.

"So why did you get it done?" I ask him afterwards.

"I had it done about five years ago", he says, thinking back. "Actually at the time, I wasn't getting any sex. So I thought, 'if I can't use it, may as well decorate it!'"

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libertine di homo said...

ha! that's a funny story.

a rough, untidy guy with a piercing, eh? he sounds like my sort of guy.

i remember the first time i messed around with a guy that had a PA. i was still a (relatively) innocent young lad at university.

it was an end-of-term party and we were messing around in the living room. i distinctly remember getting the shock of my life when i put my hand down his pants.

ah...good times.